Chloe Bridges On Camp Rock 2 Costars


  • Anonymous

    she seems okay,
    she does have that bitchy look.
    i kinda like her.
    i dont see her getting big or anything.

  • Anonymous

    she reminds me of a fish.

  • Hollieluvsux

    I try to like her but theres
    something about her that makes it

  • Anonymous

    for as good looking as nick is … they couldn’t have cast an uglier love interest

  • ljs1202

    I agree. And who cast her as Nick’s love interest? They don’t look like they go together at all. From the previews they don’t look like they have any chemistry either. idk

  • bbjia

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  • sama

    i love her and nick is my fave but it’s just that i’m not crazy

  • sucy

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  • never change

    good video

  • suzii18023

    uhh she reminds me of camilla belle im so weird haha :D

  • elliesaur

    *sigh* Chloe’s probably nice, but she has that bitchy look to her. O___o

  • .Peppermint.

    elliesaur said:
    *sigh* Chloe’s probably nice, but she has that bitchy look to her. O___o

    I know…

  • elliesaur

    Its only me. :O

  • carys

    ^^ agreed.

  • Anonymous

    i like how she doesnt talk about Alyson. Well i could see how they wouldnt get along… they’re completely different.

  • gottalent?

    ^ ^ agreed.

    I second that.

  • -Hibz-

    Is she a model? She looked like she really knew what she was doing at the photoshoots.

  • Anonymous

    shes too skinny, look at her arms

  • Anonymous

    shes too skinny, look at those arms

  • Anonymous

    shes too skinny i mean, look at those arms