David Archuleta The Other Side Of Down


I’m a space cadet today. Stoked about getting all these songs for the album finalized! We’re so close. Going to be doing some radio station visits this coming week. time to introduce some new David music :). Jill Scott is awesome.

  • winli

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  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    He has definitely matured and can’t wait for the album! :)

  • suzii18023

    hes so cute<3(:

  • Anonymous

    OMG david archuleta!! im in love with you :)

  • kelsy

    ahhh david i adore you!!!

  • soksxpeugsd

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  • adfasdfasdfasd


  • Anonymous

    Aw, the cover is adorable :)

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Looks great! :)

  • -JulieSmile-


  • Anonymous

    rethjasklergjkahkj the album cover!!
    he looks so grown up! and hotter!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, I love David Archie. :) Haha he’s so hyper and random in this vlog. LOVE the album cover.

  • Anonymous

    Love him!!!!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww so cute! And i love his video blog, you all have to wat h the ending haha its soo adorable when he sings along to that song <3 he us the best guy ever

  • gloria

    my love <3 <3
    cant wait to get that CD in my hands