Heidi Montag Surgeon Texts Before Death

Don’t Text & Drive, RIP :\

  • dewdnl

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  • kaygirl

    texting & driving is really STUPID.


  • dayen

    he wont distroy anyone else face too thou

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Aw, R.I.P :/

  • demiLOVEatolovexoxx

    it makes me so fucking mad and when i hear texting and driving.

    ppl are dieing from it everyday
    so many unnecessary deaths and losses over something that could have and SHOULD wait ten minutes

    i hate it when ppl think they are invincible. the odds are greater than you

    when you talk on the phone and drive its 4 times worse than drunk driving

    TEXTING AND DRIVING, is 8 times worse than drunk driving

    put the fucking phone down!

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  • pceloveguitar


  • Anonymous

    heidi montag die?

  • pceloveguitar


  • Anonymous

    he should of joined the jonas brothers x the text…but r.i.p

  • urluvismydrugg

    he should have listened to the voice of bieber. don’t txt & drv.

  • suzii18023

    ohh that sucks :P lesson for everyone

  • Anonymous

    I can’t watch the video. Could someone tell me what’s in it? Thanks

  • Hilary

    omg sad =(

  • hotlikemexico

    He was probably thinking of Heidi before he crashed. That face is murder. *shiver*

  • hotlikemexico

    Aw! RestInPeace, bro.

  • Anonymous

    what ?

  • Cay


  • Anonymous

    RIP. The only consolation being that he didn’t kill anybody else because of texting. Don’t do it, it’s stupid and not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    was anyone else in the car with him?

  • Anonymous

    his dog. but his dog lived but has minor injuries

  • Anonymous


  • RjsOffTheChain

    Pacific Coast Highway?!
    Ooooh, that’s scary D':
    Imagine falling over and into the ocean….

  • realistgangsta

    he’s dead but why and RjsOffTheChain wtf is that in your icon