Frankie, ‘Being A Jonas Can Be Amazing’

  • AnonLovesPretzels

    Too lazy to watch, but I love Frankie <3

  • all for me

    “Joe gave me nuggies on set”..doesn’t he do that to Nick all the time too..oh Joe your too funny!

  • JBmuchbetter

    Aww this kid is so
    Adorable moment <3

  • -Jenii

    im sure it is :P

  • Anonymous

    ummmm why was kevin staring at nicks legs? and tummy? and crotch?
    other than that great vid theyre all so adorable

  • suzii18023

    thats so sweet of them brining his little brother in with them in there fame he is adorable(:

  • dnhozpscmw

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  • Anonymous

    aww i love that kid :) he is such a cutie :)

  • Tammy Brokaw

    Their all So cute!
    Check Out Robbie Christmas! He’s alot like NJATA

  • SunLight Princess

    Joe is so freaken sweet. Him and Frankie are adorable.

  • Anonymous

    awww so sweet. i luv that theyre so close and they support each other.

  • superJOEman

    Uhhh..Joe is sooo sweet!! He really takes good care of his younger brothers. Maybe that’s the reason why he’s also sweet towards their young fans. :))
    I love you Joe!! <3

  • jemi_loverx3

    i know!! Joe was like ruffling his hair and frankie was leaning on him so sweeet :) haha

  • Danger-ous

    Joe is so fucking precious with Frankie. Adorbs.

  • Anonymous

    Frankie is so flippin adorable!!
    and i love how close they are.

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    ya im sure it is..

  • emzybugg

    please help me n my friend get Joe to see this video
    we spent sooo much time on it.
    and went through a lot of trouble trying to get Angelina Jolie n a few other celebs to say it. (doe Jolie didn’t say it)
    thank you!!

  • carys

    i bet it is..

  • Anonymous

    Frankie seems like a good kid & i love the relationship they have as brothers :)

  • all for me

    Joe and Frankie…that is soo cute and I totally remember the bat cave pics Joe tweeted..see Joe is an extremely affectionate wonder people think he is a big flirt!

  • Anonymous

    WHY ISN’T JOE WEARING HIS PURITY RING???????????????????????????

  • pipipixieruletheworld;)

    that was so unbelievable cute! I LOVED the love between them haha. I even loved that nick had his arm around kevin! aaaarrrrggghhh i love it when it’s summer and the jonas family is on tour and concequently EVERYWHERE :D