Full scans @ HilaryDuff.NL.

  • thnnbmjh

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  • suzii18023

    Shes so beautiful(:

  • Anonymous

    her dress reminds me of danielle’s wedding gown. i bet kevin is wishing he was him ahhaha.

  • milenator


    wahoo she was my idol in 2004-2006
    still love her :)

  • mariana

    felt the knot in my throat SO BEAUTIFUL and so proud she is so big now can’t even express it !

  • amelie.

    I’m so happy for her! :)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I’ll always love Hilary. I remember her in Casper and Wendy. I still have that on video.

  • HannaMarin

    second! :)
    she looks soo beautiful and happy! Im so glad for her! :) She was my idol when I was 7 :°)
    Congrats, Hilary!

  • Ashleyy.

    Oh jeez, I am so proud of her. Shes like the most amazing person everr. Shes been my idol forever. She looks gorgeous (:

  • Sweetdisposition?

    She’s all grown up now :) Congrats!

  • -Jenii

    Congrats Hilary..i remember being obssesed by her songs. I still have the cd to prove it loll.

  • Anonymous

    she look like a horse and wtf is up with her hair

  • emzybugg

    please help me n my friend get Joe to see this video
    we spent sooo much time on it.
    and went through a lot of trouble trying to get Angelina Jolie n a few other celebs to say it. (doe Jolie didn’t say it)
    thank you!!

  • KarimePoynter

    Congrats Hilary! very happy for you!

  • Hilary

    Adorable =) Congrats!!