• Anonymous

    umm.i for one didnt like it much

  • Anonymous

    I breathe this show .. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    OH BOY!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! =D

  • G-Boyz forevea

    i love this show <3

  • LoveToLove

    im bored

  • LoveToLove

    m so watching it just for justin!!!!!!!1


    me too girl

  • Julia

    He looked so fucking sexy, I am just saying.
    I just hope his acting that’s probably going to be awful doesn’t ruin CSI.

  • Julia

    Um, hi hello my name is Julia, I’m 17 almost 18 and I watch this show, kay thank you goodbye.

  • suzii18023

    oh danggg boy he looked hotttttt!(;

  • Julia

    Um what are you even talking about? I was replying to someone else who said only 80 year olds watch the show.. I’ve watched CSI for so long and it’s one of my favorite shows. WHICH is why I said I hope Bieber’s acting (which is probably going to be awful) doesn’t ruin it for me.

    So you’re a dumb bitch, bye.

  • Anonymous

    Yep! I’m a teenager too, and this is my favorite show. Actually NY is my fave now that Grissom’s gone, and Bieber is just gonna screw things up. The whole idea with him being on is to get more teens to watch. So you’re wrong.

    Thanks. The End. Bye! :)

  • Anonymous

    wow of course the video is blocked in my country -_-

  • Anonymous

    ^^He looks good even from that one second clip, why else why would they invite him back?

  • SummerLove768

    Same here i cant watch it either

  • all for me

    Stupid…and now nobody watches this show anymore except for 70 and 80 year old people so who cares!

  • Dinoluverrr

    Thats my bad boy Bieber xD

  • Anonymous

    im so watching it just for justin!!!!!!!1

  • Nocas102

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    it’s free :)

  • all for me

    The only person who watches this show is my 80 year old grandmother!

  • .Peppermint.

    What The F**k did I just see?

  • Oh SNAP

    CSI is awesome.
    i hope Justin didn’t eff it up.
    But i bet his fans are still gonna say that they ‘loved it’ even though there’s a possiblity that he might have sucked at acting.

  • realistgangsta

    i’m sorry but i just laughed at justin face expression at the end hahaha

  • TyreenaTerror

    haha, that was nice. *dramatic look* (:

  • emzybugg

    please help me n my friend get Joe to see this video
    we spent sooo much time on it.
    and went through a lot of trouble trying to get Angelina Jolie n a few other celebs to say it. (doe Jolie didn’t say it)
    thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    omg second

  • xxBIGBANG.alwaysxx

    lmao wtf? i love how justin get lyk a second out of dis WHOLE promo :p

  • hotlikemexico


    You`ve got to be kidding me.

  • HannaMarin

    Oh no. Please.