Big Time Rush This Is Our Someday NEW

  • .Truth.

    i love big time rush. their show doesn’t do them justice.

  • Gabby

    They’re the sweetest. Love those boys. Met Kendall last week. Didn’t get to say much because they were being attacked by people- who didn’t even know them. But either way they’re amazing.

  • Anonymous

    jonas brothers suck

    go BTR

  • Anonymous

    sorry, they are no good

  • Anonymous

    love BTR! Theyre all so cute

  • sara

  • suzii18023

    I love there songs<3(:

  • Anonymous

    im just curious whats the best thing about being ” FIIRSTTTT!!” seriously, wtf? -.- its not like you win a prize.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IfUSeekBritney said: lol u jealous

  • iuheqimvlu

    XMFICM hohfywbxibcu, [url=]dgtcpmcrwfpb[/url], [link=]tukeuzvbchsi[/link],

  • Anonymous

    They are gonna be big. OceanUP should post more about them.

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  • never change

    i like their music

  • Anonymous


  • Jessx7x


  • marigona

    i’m 1st so:
    i love you BIG TIME RUSH

  • Anonymous


  • IfUSeekBritney
  • Anonymous

    ur jealous LOL

  • Anonymous

    ur jealous LOL

  • Anonymous

    Zach from Saved by the bell as a kid…
    Dont you think he looked a LOT like Justin Bieber..
    Sorry..Maybe I’m just delusional..but..

  • TheBigtimerush

    hell yes love those boys.

  • Demii

    They are getting super popular and going on tour soon. and releasing a DVD and album they are growing on me.

  • TV

    fricken love this song.