Justin Bieber & Sean K Pretty Boy Swag

Justin wants a date with Emma Watson: ‘I would love to take her out for dinner. It would be great if she could come to one of my concerts, then we could hang out afterwards. I love the fact she is one of the biggest female movie stars, but has chosen to go back to college. It shows she is really grounded and normal.’

  • Margaret

    @gagaga, ooh thanks for that! :) I don’t understand the tweet though. Is he referring to what Justin said about Emma? & I don’t think George and Emma are really dating.

    lol, I just think it was nice for Justin to say that about Emma. He might be way over his head, but still nice. & does Joe still have a crush on Emma? or is all that in the past?

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Haha, I’d pay to see that Biebs.

  • LoveToLove

    used to hate this song but now I love it

  • itsglam

    no bitch

  • LoveToLove

    icon change

  • LoveToLove

    come on

  • Anonymous

    haha thats creepy how u know that…. but yeah he has like billions of fans… but most boys think he is a douche they just jelous…haha a boy even said he was the other day….haha

  • Xenia

    I love how he just assumes people would want to date him :|

  • Jasmin

    He’s fading so fast, he barely has any fans left

  • Anonymous

    Aug 20, 2010 @ 11:59 am
    Jasmin said:

    He’s fading so fast, he barely has any fans left
    umm oh okay. thats why he has over 4.5 million followers on twitter, has sold over 5 million albums, has the most viewed video on youtube EVER and is currently on a SOLD OUT state concert. gtfoh & get your facts straight troll.

  • Anonymous

    yeaah, like if she would like to date you–

  • Anonymous

    more like emma watson isnt good enough for him.

  • Anonymous

    Oh justin this is y u dnt have a girlfriend. Oh GOD wht is up with him he use to be so chill about this stuff now he is a horny puppy. CHEYL COLE katy perry i mean like if a girl see’s this y would she want 2 date u ?

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    more like emma watson isnt good enough for him.
    bahahaha anons got a sense of humour

  • Anonymous

    And you people call caitlin needy -_-. Just get the fu*k back with caitlin nd end this she is ur only option sweety.

  • Anonymous

    She is way too good for him.

  • CupcakezLover

    Emma Watson? Justin you need to lower your standards and stay in your league. Lol xD

  • Dinoluverrr

    Ahh I love his voice in this !! He sounds soo fucking sexy<3 I would fuck him on the spot,,!!!!

  • gidbfci

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  • Nocas102

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  • suzii18023

    emma?oh justin(:

  • Anonymous


    hahahha more copy of jonas!

    now! emma remember

    joe in the past like emma!

  • hottiegirl

    gosh i hate his girly voice , he should do smth if he wants to be like ricky martin or enrique iglesias

  • gagagaga

    George Craig [Emma’s BF ] just RT about bieber !!! >>>> http://twitter.com/Georgecraigono lol

  • Anonymous

    yeah im sure she would love to date a scrawny 16 year old who totally isnt grounded.

  • BigDarius

    LOL, sean kingston’s pretty boy swag?…LMAO

    And Justin…name dropping all these girls is a no no.

  • mileynileylove

    I love you Justin but Emma Watson is to good for you ! :P

  • HannaMarin

    Im pretty sure Emma would like to kick your ass! :D And she’s got a boyfriend, right?
    Stupid, vain kid.

  • Ana

    Never gonna happen, sorry justin.

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    no way emma would go out with him

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    emma’s wayyyyy too good for him.just keep dreaming bieber.

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  • Anonymous

    I thought one o f the jo bros had a crush on emma..either shes really attrative to alot of boys or justin ..im not going to say it

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Slow down boy, lol.
    Emma’s too good for you, and she already has a bf sorry.

  • Anonymous

    emmas too smart for you. ya think she’d date you for anything besides fame? think again