Bill O’Reilly On Justin Bieber And Kim K

  • LoveToLove

    Was this the asshole who had an issue with Jennifer’s single mom comment a couple of weeks go?

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this asshole says? Most of what he reports on his show isn’t even true anyway!

  • Anonymous

    GO BILL!

  • vwhsiflnu

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  • sexxynickj

    Bill O’Reilly is an idiot. TOTAL FAIL!!!!!!!! It was a fucking magazine spread get the FUCK over it already. Also, this is old news. What a dumb old man he is… put him in the nursing home.

  • coolkinda

    Its not like they fucked… :P

  • novv

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  • Anonymous

    ok Bill
    I love how he mentions the graduate, like you dont have a problem with the movie, but somehow you have a problem with this? I’m waiting for the moment this man ever says anything relevant

  • Anonymous

    Yeaaaaaaaah, but if it was Miley with a 29 years old male model, EVERYONE would be like: WHAT A SLUTTTT .. the world is unfair,

  • Anonymous

    kim K. is JUST a biggest bitch!!

  • Anonymous

    lol culture warriors. Please die already, Bill O’Reilly.

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for keeping up with the kardashians XD

  • natjbguitargirl

    bill sucks

  • Anonymous

    It was for a photoshoot .
    I hate this show, and the people who host the show, there just plain stupid .

  • grnMountainbabe

    wow. they are so retarded. i mean its just a magazine calm down! stupid old people :P

  • Anonymous

    haha this gives me more reason to hate Bill O’reily! It’s a magazine spread, Kim isn’t some sort of pedophile.

  • mileyluver15

    i agree this is weird.

  • Superkico
  • realistgangsta

    i hate bill o reilly and fox news but what he call justin was funny

  • Moonbeam


    “There are some pictures of Justin Bieber, who is sixteen years old, and Kim Kardashian, who I guess is 42…”


  • Anonymous

    I HATE Bill O Reilly but he had a point…

  • Dinoluverrr

    Damn,!! I can’t hear the sound on this video D:

  • egy97

    that guy’s stupid of course when he was sixteen he thought about girls, I mean if you didn’t there is seriously something wrong with you…

  • whatsernamegigi

    Gotta love Bill.