Happy 21st Birthday Hayden Panetierre!


Hayden is celebrating her 21st at Millennium Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

NOTE: DisneyStarFacts has returned to Twitter! Follow her @DisneyStarHQ!

  • Its called Jaylor

    Happy B-day. <3

  • xHisGirlFriday

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Wish I could still say I watched Hero’s.
    You miss one episode and have no idea what the hell is happening….

  • -Jenii


  • Anonymous

    that club suckss!!

  • heartinvasion?

    Now I will DEFINITELY say Happy Birthday to you ;)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to hadyen.

  • OceanUpSUX

    It’s my birthday too ^^

  • OceanUpSUX

    It’s my birthday too ^^

  • heartinvasion?

    ^ happy b-day.

  • novv

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  • Anonymous

    I love her too! Happy birthday baby!

  • Claire Heavenly

    Happy Birthday!! Hope she had a wonderful day (:

  • Anonymous

    the party was AMAZING FYI!!!

  • Anonymous

    when you change the bar around and make it your own, add a few touches…it was awesome!!

  • Sam

    She will be very let down that club sucks. She’s in a city with a Ivy League University. I promise you, there are much better bar’s around.

  • Anonymous

    definitely NOT an ivy league school

  • _huajaichumpoo

    Happy Birthday! I like this girl.

  • taylorr.


  • egy97

    Happy Birthday to her!! :) <3

  • Love_JaJ

    happy birthday to you.

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    She has a big ass.
    Love her <3
    Happy Birthday loves!

  • bluesfan3410

    Happy Birthday

  • Love_JaJ

    whoa…only 21? she looks wayyyy older. (not in a bad way, in a sophisticated way) :P

  • Untouchable

    i love her