Chelsea Staub Brian Dales Cocktail Couple


JONAS LA star Chelsea Staub and friend Brian Dales attended a cocktail party to kick-off Emmy week held at Cecconi’s Los Angeles, California Sunday afternoon.

  • aya

    “Chelsea, chelsea tell me you love me!”

    Brian looks hot in a suit and Chelsea looks beautiful like always. Her dress is sooo pretty.

  • suomynonA

    Forget Selena Gomez! Chelsea is clearly THE Disney fashion icon!
    Love her! <333

  • You Were Thinking It

    These two are cute together :)
    I love TSS

  • raychelle

    HOT! Sooo @ItsChelseaStaub and @brianlogandales should definitely date if theyre not already.

  • Anonymous

    I loooove that dress!
    Ah, so cute! :-)


  • LilaBabiuk

    Oh my Gosh!!! She looks gorgeous!!!
    I mean, she is beautiful, but in this pic…
    she’s awesome!!!
    Totally loved her dress

  • heartinvasion?

    Her dress is so cute :D

  • Ali

    LilaBabiuk said:

    Oh my Gosh!!! She looks gorgeous!!!
    I mean, she is beautiful, but in this pic…
    she’s awesome!!!
    Totally loved her dress


    I agree she looks more and more beautiful all the time. She looked gorgeous at the Emmys, too.

  • jazmine

    fav couple!! chelsea looks STUNNING and hellooooo brian dales

  • Anonymous

    They are dating !
    She even went on tour with him for a week during warped tour. You’d know this if you’d check her and his twitter ..

  • Anonymous

    i met him at warped and his eyes are amazing

  • kristenn

    i love how she does so many cool things with her hair even though its short (thanks for the ideas) you look amazing chelsea!

  • Maralovelovelove

    JONAS LA star Chelsea Staub and friend Brian Dales

    correction OU, BOYfriend.

  • jenny

    oh my gosh bdales all dressed up is adoooorable!!

  • ohhaitherejenn

    OU, these two are actually dating.
    love Chelsea’s dress :) <3


    chelsea is about her. IT’S LIKE, TWO YEARS OLD? they broke up cuz she cheated on him or some shit. and than she visited them on warped a few weeks ago, and im pretty sure they’re back together. possibly, possibly not.

  • Anonymous

    chelsea is a stunner in that dress. i dont know if theyre dating or just friends but i hope they worked it out cause i think theyre cute together.

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    Didn’t an anon post that he knew Chelsea and she cheated on her ex? Was that ever confirmed true? IDK, sorry to be negative, but at least she looks nice.

  • Anonymous

    adorable couple !

  • Balrajisawesome

    love her dress one thing i really like about Chelsea is that she can dress really good :)

  • nemoh

    Love her dress :)

  • Hangover

    I love this girl so much,she looks stunning<3

  • Anonymous

    Brian’s face……

  • _Rachiieeee_

    Her dress is sooo pretty :)

  • ConverseChick67

    Love her dress. She is sooo pretty. <33

  • Sarae

    wow chelsea looks GORGEOUS! and awwww i love her and bdales together

  • colleen

    I want that dress!! I love all the dresses Chelsea has been wearing lately. She is freaking gorgeous!!! :D

  • Kim

    bdales looks awkward. but he always looks awkward. but he REALLY looks hungover.
    gotta love bdales.

  • hannahlee

    bdales and chelsea,chelsea were meant to be together. just putting it out there. :)

  • Anonymous

    they are technically not together right now because its not good for them. they both have different stuff going on. but im sure they will be back together soon enough.

    brians a close family friend and he fills me in with all this stuff

  • alltherightmoves.

    I love them both so frikkin much <3

  • Anonymous

    Brian scrubs up pretty well… just sayin’.
    And Chelsea looks gorgeous in that dress!
    They’re so cute together :D

  • Anonymous

    she always has the prettiest dresses :)

  • Anonymous

    I love her dress but she is quite thin in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    AHHHHH LOVE THIS MORE THEN ANYTHING!!! I loveeee brian and chelsea together!!! i hope they stay together this time!!!

  • -JulieSmile-

    Love the Dress<3

  • claudzie


  • Geovanna

    As she is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    awww Brian looks soo adorable :)) he’s like a big brother to me! <3 im sorry, but he’s WAY too good for her! after she cheated on him the first time, i cant look at her the same :// sooooo excited for TSS fall headlining tour! its gonna be ammaaaaazinnggggggg!!! <3

  • Madasahatter

    Her dress is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    she still looks cute, though!

  • Anonymous

    They’re dating, dipshit.

    I met them together at Warped. They’re adorable together.

    & Brian is from The Summer Set.

  • Anonymous

    *sniff* awh our little brian and chelsea are all grown up and going to cocktail parties!

    their pic reminds me of one of those old time hollywood couples. LOVE THEM!!

  • Anonymous

    chelsea looks really pretty.

  • _leena

    What a sweet dress :)

  • _leena

    Hurray I’m first :D

  • Watch your back

    I love the dress <33

  • Anonymous

    I thought Chelsea and Brian were dating. Yah know, more than friends? I thought the Summer Set’s song “Chelsea” was about her?

  • Anonymous


  • alltherightmoves.


  • xoxolovebug

    Chelsea Staub is gorgeous. LOVE HER. <3

  • picstoburn

    im going to sound like a teenie but i wanted her with Joe lol

  • Anonymous


  • picstoburn


    dumbass that’s why they wrote “couple” go back to sleep.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh im so happy, i love brian and chelsea together; match made in heaven

  • SmoochieCakes

    I am in love with her dress ! she looks gorgeous

  • suzii18023

    i love her dress<3(:

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought it was Demi Lovato haha.