Cody Simpson BACKSTAGE The Fans

  • Juliaaa

    Remember when OceanUP used to post about Justin Bieber and they would get like 20 comments at the most? People said he was trying to take the Jonas Brothers place; trying to be as big as the Jonas Brothers were.

    Well, look what happened there. Justin Bieber is now a household name. Cody Simpson is an extremely talented boy from Australia who is going to go far. He’s not a “Bieber wannabe”. The fact that he’s getting recognized the same time as Justin Bieber is at his peak is just a coincidence.

  • xRawwr

    eh. He’s not that hot. still he’s a hottie (; .

  • nickjjismyhusband

    all you haters:; FUCK OFF.

    stop hating on a little kid..idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Jonas>Hannah/Miley>Cody > Justin
    His song yiyiyi is better than any Of biebers songs!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahah really ?? iyiyi STUPID SONG!! you know whta the problem is ? that he’s just “know” like a wannabe you know if someone talks about him isjust to said hes LIKE bieber (look)….he’s never gonna be taken seriusly…so dont worry people..let the 50 fans of him dream

  • Anonymous


  • _leena

    With the risk of sounding unaware of the life outside, who is this guy?

  • suzii18023


  • The Wild One

    Well…since this post is dead,
    who’s gonna be the first to own it?

  • _leena

    Own it?

  • Katie13

    who is he….

  • iSarcasticING

    he is going nowhere..

    seriously i hate bieber but NO ONE can touch him right now.

    and that Greyson Chance dude has no hope either, he wants to do classic music that isn’t meant for radio.

    i HATE bieber but these guys are just pathetic clones.

  • m

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  • simpsonator

    cody simpson happens to be an amazing new australian singer , he just got a record deal and i think he’s pretty awesome and his song “iYiY” FT. flo rida is hot!

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a really bad copy of bieber..and who is he ? a wannabieber?