From Angelina: Aug. 25 around 6 PM I met Chloe Bridges at CVS in Burbank. I was waiting for my prescription and I noticed her in line and she smiled at me. After she got her medication I asked for a picture with her. She was extremely sweet and talkative! + TwitPix.

  • Whoever

    you know what, she’s prettier than demi lovato. just saying.

  • Anonymous

    eh.. I do not find her all that attractive.
    I think its because she doesnt seem to have natural beauty. That close up pic of her face is edited and shes wearing quite a bit of makeup.

  • Anonymous

    who is she??

  • zanessalove

    she’s soo beautiful and she kinda looks like angelina jolie

  • suzii18023

    shes okay

  • urluvismydrugg

    she looks like a b*tch ngl. just her face. lol. idk why it looks like the face of a b*tch. i doubt she is though.
    but she looks like angelina jolie.

  • xoxo_bitch626

    i hate that bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Shes gorgeous <3

  • oxrzlylu

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  • SmoochieCakes

    The only thing i dislike about her is her clothing ;p

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    Shes so nice, im not a fan of her, but shes very nice and yeah even more pretty than angelina, shes gorgeous!

  • cldqskzgb

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  • Chloeeeeeee. IYA.

    She’s stunning. Love her!
    Does it baffle anyone else when people call her ugly?
    I’d freakin’ love to look like that haha….
    Okay I’ll stop before this comment is portrayed as lesbianism, but yeah, she’s gorgeous. :-)

  • m

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  • SS501Kara

    she’s beautifull…idn why people call her ugly, she’s cute ans seems really nice <3….btw why my icon doesn’t moving?…arggggg

  • teardrop

    She’s so pretty, but am i the only one who thinks she looks like a bratz doll?

    But, i’m jealous anyway. She seems nice…

  • Anonymous

    She’s not ugly. I would.

  • Jaymee__x

    I’m not really a fan, but she seems nice, i guess…

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    shes gorgeous, A little look like angelina

  • Jaymee__x

    Kisses from Hol… said:

    shes gorgeous, A little look like angelina

    yeah, she does. but i think she’s prettier than angelina..

  • Anonymous