Jonas Brothers Dish On New JONAS LA

  • Anonymous

    coooooooool… Joe’s so hooot!


  • Sarae

    love joe + stella! can’t WAIT til they get together! aaahhhhh!!!

  • raychelle

    so cute the way joe smiles when he talks about him and stella.

  • Jo0natIcaChiLeNaa

    i don’t understand but…..they are so hot¡¡¡ and talented ^^

  • Anonymous

    omgggg i shouldt have watched this joe totally gave it awayy! :(

  • Anonymous

    I love the show. Joe is the best part!

    He’s so cute explaining about Joe and Stella.

  • m

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  • seoerjiang
  • Anonymous

    2nd? can’t wait for the new episode this sunday ;)

  • MisguidedGhost

    too lazy to read.

  • RiNiO

    I wanted to hear something about Nacy…..
    Ok I think I can handle this…snif snif

  • iamsarah93

    He dish about the episode 7 ” a wasabi story” but we already saw that so there is no scoop :)

  • JBmuchbetter

    Joe is hot.

  • Jonas_Chica


  • Anonymous

    Nick. <3

    Yeah, I didn’t watch the video.

  • suzii18023

    i only watch this show because nick is in it lol(;

  • Jonas_Chica

    Aug 27, 2010 @ 02:09 pm
    JBmuchbetter said:

    Joe is hot.