Emily Osment DARE YOU


  • Anonymous


  • inspiredbynickj

    Wow.That’s a big snake!

  • Anonymous


  • Richard

    Damn! A post with a big snake and no Miley or Sel reference,
    what’s this site coming to???

  • Anonymous

    That snake looks heavier than her.

  • heartinvasion?

    Dare me to look at you like a crazy person because of that snake you’re holding? No problem…

  • aaliyahnoelle

    everytim i see emily i think carrie underwood lol

  • never change


  • macy

    i always wanted to hold a huge snake like that

  • sinnerxo

    Gorgeous as always. :)

  • suzii18023

    that looks so scary haha

  • Alex

    that snake look really heavy !!!!!!!!!1

  • xmickeyx18

    Alex said:

    that snake look really heavy !!!!!!!!!1


    We get it.

  • lovato is love.

    love her!

  • Anonymous


  • alyson<3Jemi

    ahahaha! i saw that vid too and the pink wig also! she won cause its a real..boa constrictor? i’m not really good at naming snakes! bt since joe and demi wire boas then i guess its a boa!

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    No, thanks.
    Hahaha, she is so brave, I wouldn’t do that! x]

  • IfUSeekBritney

    HaHaHa Emily looks Like She Can Barley Hold It :O How The Crap Did Britney Dance With That Thing :O My Chickaa Must Of Went throught Some Intence Training :O

  • skyebird

    she reminds me of a michalka. idk why.

  • Anonymous

    If i’dd do that My pants would be wet after

  • BirthdayCake

    thats cool. and i love love love her dress!

  • Anonymous

    look at the size of that snake O_o

  • TaterTot

    he’s climbin in your windows
    he’s snatchin your people up tryna rape em so y’all need to
    hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife
    hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband
    cuz they’re rapin errbody out here you don’t have to come and confess
    we’re lookin for you we gon find you
    we gon find you so you can run and tell that,
    run and tell that run and tell that, homeboyhome, home, homeboy


  • Tina850

    that is soo scary!!!!i fear snakes:p she’s so brave to be doing that lol i would freak

  • Diamondback

    Light years beyond the realm of hot.

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    bich is brave

  • demi is my girl crush

    HAHAHAHA! Demi and Joe got the feathered boas and she got the real one! SHE WINS!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Britney Spears

  • Sam

    oh hell naw.
    id be shittin my pants.

  • marissababyxo

    3rd!!! & she’s brave. i wouldnt do that!

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Wow that’s so cool. I’ve always wanted to hold a giant snake.

  • Claudia

    WOOOO!! Amazing

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  • IfUSeekBritney

    Britney Did It First

    lol JOKING XD

  • xmickeyx18

    IfUSeekBritney said:

    Britney Did It First

    lol JOKING XD



  • Anonymous

    I’d like to let her hold my snake.

  • alex

    wooooooow that snake look really heavy

  • never change

    that’s a big a snake