Emma Watson People Tree In Bangladesh

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  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable <3
    Come on!Emma!

  • Anonymous


  • gifta

    awww emma how sweet you are :) please! come to indonesia!!!

  • cofee_i

    always be absorbed by her on MAG
    love u love u love u

  • kary_redfern

    it looks really cute and tasty, and fresh and young.

  • heartinvasion?

    fucking love her<3

  • Anonymous


    I seriously think she should be the ideal ”idol” for teens/kids. not demi,selena,miley etc.

  • hellokittylover

    loveee her

  • oedahnmbsk

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  • WhoXOwnsMyHeart

    Shes beautiful and sweet<3 Miss her hair though!

  • Cesi.

    Now that’s a role model.
    Inspiring. <3

  • suzii18023


  • nikkie18

    shes super pretty :)

  • MissSmiley

    She really deserves all the best. :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s my role model i love her <3

  • Anonymous

    this girl is unbelievable. from what i can see, a fantastic role model for young girls, whether she likes it or not.

  • urluvismydrugg

    i’m gonna miss her hairrrrrrrrrr.

  • marissababyxo

    This was beautiful. We need more people like her in Hollywood, and in the whole world, actually. She’s really grounded & incredibly charitable. Also, she’s taking some time off of acting to go to college. I hear she’s going to Harvard. I don’t see how anyone could hate her!

  • Rosario.Rivera

    My idol <3
    She has always been and always will be :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable <3
    Come on!Emma!

  • Anonymous

    Mee 2 :'(
    i liked it before :(

    i like ur icon <3 so cute

  • Bangladeshi girl

    Me too. I really think its beutiful that she picked our country.And it is true that Bangladesh makes the best textiles in the world

  • Rahie T.

    This is BEAUTIFUL. I’m originally from Bangladesh so I hope the culture truly aspired her with 80% of the Bangladeshis being poor. What an experience! So glad she’s not like some American actress who doesn’t do that type of thing, especially someone her age. Let this be an inspiration to all!

  • bluesfan3410

    I don’t really like her

  • m

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  • Anonymous

    Loveeeee her!

  • alltherightmoves.

    love her sfm.

  • Lenum

    She’s not my fave girl, but I think it’s really cool that she’s doing things like that :P

  • Anonymous

    she’s freaking beautiful! loveee. (:

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    Love her. She’s so grounded and she always does things like these. She’s a true role model.

  • sophieee

    she’s so beautiful and humble :)
    she’s my role model.