Mitch Did Two Hannah Episodes This Year


  • Bubbly-Joe

    I wonder why he’s still with Disney. I mean, he’s a little too badass for their usual taste. Maybe they’ll civer up all of his tattoos with makeup. :l

  • m
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  • fallenangels

    love his tattos… he was cute on HM now he looks so hot…

  • gabbiixlove


  • MClover14

    yay!! I’m gonna see his free concert this sat!! so excited!

  • Anonymous

    :O o wooww! hannah is ending..and now he is going to another disney show..i think he should move on…since he is getting older

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a demon in the picture :|

  • never change

    he’s changed alot

  • EmmaLC

    I love how badasssssss he tries to be.
    It’s like “Dude, you’re still working for the Disney Channel, which is notorious for it’s family-friendliness.”

    Watch out Mitchel, they’ll be sticking a purity ring on you soon.

  • suzii18023

    love him(:

  • sophieee

    he’s nasty now.

  • urluvismydrugg

    oliver was the only funny one on the show.

  • mich

    Hes so hot!

  • Anonymous

    yes! he’s so hooooooot, he should move from disney

  • mileynileylove

    He looks hot ! :)
    but he needs to move on from Disney ! He is to good for them xD

  • xmickeyx18

    Aug 29, 2010 @ 03:41 pm
    Mahima said:

    the show sucks now.


    Well, it was the best disney show.

  • Anjhanee

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  • xmickeyx18

    Aug 29, 2010 @ 03:42 pm
    Riley K said:

    he’s too badass for hannah montana now.


    I love his new badassness (;

  • Alex

    fifth :D:D:D:D:D

  • never change


  • xmickeyx18

    I always loved Oliver, too bad he’s not gonna be in any of them… ):

  • Mahima

    the show sucks now.

  • Riley K

    he’s too badass for hannah montana now.


    that was unfair cuz he was the 3 last seasons in all the ep