Chace Crawford KISSING Katie Cassidy


Chace Crawford kissing Katie Cassidy in the park while filming an upcoming episode ‘Gossip Girl‘ in Queens, New York. Possible awkward moment for Katie when her boyfriend visited the set. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    omg..I love him..he´s deeem sexy:P

  • Anonymous

    It’s word because she was in Monte Carlos with leighton meestrr and now she’s on her show? Is she like gonna be on wizerds of waverly place with Selena next?

  • Anonymous

    Why the faack aren’t my Fucking comment Posting? Fuck you oceanup

  • chemical romance


  • Anonymous

    I hate katie cassidy.

  • Anonymous

    I hate katie cassidy
    although,I do like chace crawford.

  • suzii18023

    how cute(:

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhhhhh I dont thinK it was akward.. cus THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS BTW

  • never change


  • annajh

    hoohoo,Chace Crawford KISSING Katie Cassidy!
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  • nemoh

    He’s gorgeous.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I love Katie Cassidy!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE ur icon. Leo <3333333

  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12


  • Anonymous

    Why does OU always feel the need to point out stuff like it’d be awkward for her because her boyfriend was visiting? Uh, hello, she’s an actress. She’s used to having to kiss other guys for her job and I don’t doubt her boyfriend is, too.

  • roflwaffle

    i don’t want a new stars on GG :/

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  • xoShannonxo


  • cutieeee

    aww they look cute! i cant wait for GG! :DDD

  • Alex

    third :D

  • cutieeee

    anyone on OU??? :/