Justin Bieber Versus Shaq DANCE OFF

  • luckze
  • Anonymous

    come on, don’t disrespect him. He’s about 5’6, maybe a little taller.

  • Anonymous

    justin is 5’4 o_O

  • Anonymous

    no wait hes 5’2

  • Anonymous

    Justin IS 5’6″ Met him On Monday :)

  • Anonymous

    nooo i want backstage where they were askin question and he is 5’6 sorry guys

  • Anonymous

    Justin isn’t 5’6 he’s 5’4. i’m sure, i saw him at his concert friday.

  • fuck yeah neviah



  • Gearsarealwaysturning


  • liam h sucks

    this is so sad now Shaq needs fame to who is next freaking britney spears
    what is this with all these celebs hanging out with justin bieber

  • JaneaLynn

    I just happened to see some of this last night. Justin’s fame is going/gone to his head. He’s a little too full of himself for my taste. But, damn! both he and Shaq can bowl!

  • Nini0825

    That’s wat I think to he is wayy to full of himf

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Lmao so qt how Shaq picked Biebs up :D

  • Anonymous

    how is he full of him self ????????
    i love the bieber <3

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    I was at the concert when Shaq sang Baby. When he came on I was like “WTF, Who is that?”

  • gaga.lovegame.6

    how tall is justin?

  • Anonymous

    he cant dance:\ (justin) he really cant, and im not dissing him, but he cant haha, he cant even do the side step thingy and in the music video with usher wtf was he doing, but i guess his songs are cool.