Tiffany Giardina PAPER MADE HEARTS


  • Anonymous

    i like the skirt.

    and she’s cool.
    she grew on me.
    can’t wait for the ep.


  • Anonymous

    im excitedddddddd <333

  • TiffGiardinaFL

    Tiffany Giardina’s new EP #PaperMadeHearts It’s now on iTunes! <3

  • cfotrii

    1JSMAW ngeotuxaafym, [url=]lqdhtrynabwr[/url], [link=]rsowaljizllz[/link],

  • Kristell

    hahaa wow I see myself, well a tweet of mine that she retweeted. I’m @kristellita :)

  • Anonymous

    i’m kind of excited for this, i never really liked her old songs but i heard one of her new ones on her myspace *& it sounds really good.

  • TGC


  • TGC

    She’s a singer, obviously, & her songs have been in The Tinkerbell Movie, Barbie Movie, & Another CInderella Story. She’s also performed with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, & the Wonder Girls. Her album comes out Tuesday, you should check it out & see what you think :]

  • Anonymous

    we’re really stoked about this ep, the new songs are incredible!

  • Anonymous

    she’s really grown on me i wanna here her new stuff!

  • lautner one

    Can’t wait, she is different, i think im gonna buy this …

    thanks OP

  • VBallStar95

    I saw her performance and met her at Popcon in February, she’s pretty talented. I think that she and Katy Perry should do a duet, since Katy has a really high voice & Tiffany has a deep one. That’d be amazeballz!

  • Anonymous

    ps, i think i’m the only one that LOVES that skirt lol!

  • Anonymous

    I know her… she got here because she knows nick jonas and her dad owns a record company not fair if u ask me

  • Anonymous

    ugly skirt shes pretty though!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    i love you tiffany!!! keep rocking

  • Alex

    who is that girl

  • Terry

    I can’t wait for her EP!! It’s going to be awesome! She is very talented and nice <3

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    I don’t listen to her, but I hope she becomes successful (not saying she isn’t, BTW).

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    Whoever this girl is, I’m not liking her skirt. *shivers*

  • TiffGiardinaFL

    I CAN’T wait for her EP!
    Check her out at


  • _liesyoutold

    don’t know her..

  • _liesyoutold

    oh, first. xD

  • UltimateTiffany

    LOVE HERRR!!!!
    Her EP is gonna rock she has been working SO hard on it!!
    SO excited! <3

  • Anonymous

    not a fan

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    nick jonas first crush, thats her name for me.

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