Jonas Brothers Feelin’ Alive Music Video

  • RiNiO

    I love this song I mean I seriously love it!
    Everytime I hear it I feel like something good is going to happen …

  • cheerx92

    amazing. hope they see this

  • Anonymous

    wow that was really good:) i love them with all my heart!<333

  • Anonymous

    Wow they are incredible! I love them! No haters on here, because they are just amazing. Everyone has to give them a chance. I get the chills listening to Nick sing. As a guitarist/songwriter my dream would be to work with them. Keep up the amazing job JB !!!! Team Jonas Forever babe<3

  • Signorina. aNonimo

    Joe makes me feel alive..just saying!

  • suzii18023


  • wrksmedla

    ConcertExperiences did not this make this I did

  • ConcertExperiences

    I Hope They See This Also. I Made It Please Subscribe On Youtube!

  • wrksmedia

    I made this Video. Go on my channel This other person stole it.

  • Anonymous

    me love JOE!!

  • superJOEman


  • bitchpleaseimnickjonas

    aw this is adorable.

  • eda


  • eda


  • Anonymous

    they are THE BEST! :D

  • Jonas88

    Amazing :D

  • Anonymous

    THEY ARE THE BEST! :D Not Justin Bieber guy O.o

    If that’s a guy xD jk jk

  • mileyluver15

    i miss joes curly hairr

  • TeamNelenax3

    Me too :(

  • Take.A.Breath