Taylor Swift Mine CMA Music Fest 2010

  • Anonymous

    I hate that Bitch she suck live stop please I think she is the ugliest girl in the world and dirtiest girl in the land

  • CatchMe.

    i love this song, and she’s amazing live<3

  • Anonymous

    That was the best live performance I’ve ever heard her do. I love her songs, and her… I’m no hater, but she usually has pitch problems when she performs. Good job!

  • LittleCookie

    errr i hate taylor.

    how long has she been singing? she NEEDS to get that gasping sorted out! every few seconds she does a PAINFUL gasp >:O

  • Anonymous

    I was there and she was DEFINITELY not lip syncing. I was standing on her left side. :) She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. And she wasn’t lip syncing. Trust me.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of whether or not she sang along to a track while you were there “standing dead infront (this word was spelled incorrectly by you, btw) of her”, what matters is the quality of performance that is broadcasted out to the rest of the world. A lot of the time a backing track is used without the knowledge of the audience, or the song is edited in later. It’s a marketing technique that is used to bring in larger audiences and increase the range of fans. Essentially, more $$$.

    I think we would all appreciate it if you did not generalize and call us all “SO ignorant”. For your information I have seen Taylor Swift live and I was much less than impressed. The tonal quality of her voice was extremely wiry and almost like a whine quite frankly. And, when she wasn’t up on stage butchering her notes, she sounded MUCH too perfect and seemed to be clearly lip synching. I’m pretty sure she even forgot to sing along at one point, and the words just kept coming.

    If you need any more help understanding the point we’re trying to make here, try reading this

    Good luck with the big words, Miss “infront”

  • Anonymous

    Electric guitar? Hells yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Auto tone!
    You can tell on a few notes, it has a kind of techno sound—think Kesha.

    Still LOVE her and this song!!

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m pretty sure you missed the point of why I posted the article in the first place… not to point out his opinion of Taylor Swift but to point out the facts he states…

    “”Then again, she admitted to fixing some mistakes in the studio.”
    “Even if she didn’t use auto-tune, there was still the underlying issue, could she sing? She admitted fixing things on record…”

  • Anon-ee-mus

    I seriously don’t get why people say “Oh she’s so amazing” “Oh she’s so talented”. SHE’S NOT! Her singing is below mediocre and this was definitely pre-rec’d and edited. There is NO WAY she could sound that clear. I even heard her playback echo.
    As for songwriting and guitar playing: Please. She’s no JM.

    This performance is pathetic… especially for someone in their 20’s. -_-

  • loveurface

    she is amazing live!!!!!!! i love taylor swift

  • Anonymous

    She lip sung. it was obvious. Her mouth didn’t even go with the words for some of it. Sing live miss 2009 CMA Female Vocalist of the Year! I guess the CMAs didn’t want people to hear how crappy you really sound!

  • Courtney

    The guitarist with the mohawk looks so unhappy to be there. He’s just ‘This is my life, doing back up for T-Swizzle.’

  • Anonymous

    She suck live hate her she NOT perfect she make sick

  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    Taylor Swift, you are FEARLESS and I hope you will ALWAYS stay beautiful! Such a inspiration for girls everywhere!

  • suzii18023


  • dan

    i’ve read the link you’ve miss the point of the author there lol he said taylor is vocally challenged but she haven’t use auto-tune and playback ever and she’s always singing live. and by being honest that she’s not perfect, she has won him over.
    you’re actually contradicting to your sentiments.

    whether you like it or not, taylor is singing live always without any autotune or playback involved.

    taylor, good job! the song is brilliant! can’t wait for speak now!

  • Anonymous

    Umm all you stupid haters have NO idea what your talking about. I was there! I was literally standing dead infront of Taylor the whole time. My face is shown during the preformance multiple times.
    You cannot say she sings badly live unless you have been at her concert and heard her voice live. Make a video of yourself talking or singing and watch it and tell me if you sound EXACTLY the same as you do when its not recorded.
    You people are SO ignorant.
    And YES she was singing live. We had to do like 7 takes of the song so it sounded right. All you people do is bitch about how bad she sounds, and when she really does sound great you bitch that shes lip syncing!

  • Anonymous

    was she lip synching? It sounded almost exactly like her single, with the high notes and everything.

    if not, she is improving a lot with live singing.

  • Anonymous

    I WAS THEREEE! <3.

    You can see me at 0:7-0:11-ish :P

  • Anonymous

    she is so awesome live. wow good job taylor swift.

  • baby blue eyes

    shes awesome.. <3

  • Anonymous

    This was definitally pre-recoreded.





    Fearless? More like TALENLESS. And all you “Swifty” fans who are going to jump down my throat saying im “Just Jelous” your dead wrong. Im grateful I dont look like her. a bucked tooth giraff-rat.

  • Anonymous

    i think she’s signing live.. i mean at the beginning its easier to sing (the verses) because, well.. they just are. try it. it’s easy to replicate, make it sound like the studio version. the chorus was good, a little shaky in some parts and she started going downhill just a little during the bridge.. but other than that, really good!

    her stage presence is DEF improving. she doesn’t look so awkward up there :) loll

  • Anonymous

    shes so amazing live. i love her.

  • MileyRulezz

    Umm…Taylor, I know you have countless awards mainly because of you’re awesome song writing… but man, YOU SUCK SINGING LIVE. & the whole “it’s his fault” thingy is getting kinda OLD. :/

  • Anonymous

    The only reason this sounds “so good’ live is because she’s lip synching. It’s almost painfully obvious. If you need to – go listen to her single and then re-listen to this video. Her mouth is also off by a second or so in some spots. She could have done better.

    I personally would have preferred if she sang live – even if it was imperfect. I’m not a huge Miley Cyrus fan but at least she sings live. It may not always sound her best but she’s ALWAYS real about it.

  • springstrawberry

    Sorry but what does “pre-recorded” mean ? She’s singing live, right ?

  • Anonymous

    I hate that Bitch she suck live stop please I think she is the ugliest girl in the world and dirtiest girl in the land

  • Anonymous

    You haters are just jelous because she’s perfect. At least she’s not showing uo her underwear whereever she goes. She’s the perfect role model. Everybody has their bad performances, This wasn’t. She was singing LIVE. People.

    Haters fuck you all.

  • SunLight Princess

    She is getting old.. (not age). And honestly ‘Mine’ isn’t that good… Definitely not another ‘Love Story’ or ‘You Belong with me’. I was disappointed..

  • ninja-em

    I love Taylor. She will always be Fearless :)

  • Jane.in.Sane

    I love Taylor, but there were some notes and words that sounded a little auto-tuned.

  • Anonymous

    ..some old stuff

  • andie

    this is live. you can hear the breaths, pauses and sometimes she struggle a little bit. it’s different from the recorded one. yes, it’s pre-recorded but it doesn’t mean it’s auto-tuned.
    i have seen her live with just her and her guitar and i’m one of the fans who she invited on her bus and she sung for us back in 2008. she CAN DEFINITELY SING PEOPLE.
    on her concerts, she sings 2 hours a night live, it means no auto-tune or playback. i know someone who have worked for her and he guaranteed that she is singing LIVE.


  • TaytaTay

    Taylor is so amazing! I love Mine!

  • Anonymous

    that heart thing was the most cheesy thing i have ever seen in my life

  • TiffGiardinaFL


  • Anonymous

    i love Taylor but i honestly think she does not sound very good Live. Love the song though :)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Not bad, but not her best.
    I think her best live performance ever, was covering Run by George Straight.

  • Mahima

    you know there are different takes. and the mixed them together.
    you can see her strap moving.
    so technically they dubbed the video.

  • YoitzAlishax3

    At 1:05 you can see her brother Austin (:

  • Mahima

    sometimes her straps are up and then they’re down.

  • Anonymous

    Her dress straps aren’t moving, it has two straps on each side, one on top of the shoulder and one around her upper arm.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt this prerecorded….she is getting better but this was def. prerecorded

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  • Gabriella

    I love this song! Also, I’ll never understand how some people can hate her, she’s such a sweet girl…

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