Chelsea Staub CHOPS OFF HAIR


Do YOU like it? + Nicole & Chelsea’s Twit Pix.

  • Sarae

    Cute! She does look like Victoria

  • Anonymous


  • AnonymousJ

    she looks pretty with that hair style :)

  • TeenageDream

    very cute, but loved it when it was to her shoulders.

  • raychelle

    soooo cute! i love the pic of her and nicole and their friends too

  • Ningrid

    I like more when she haves long hair, but look pretty

  • hannahlee

    i liked her long hair the best but she looks pretty with any style

  • Anonymous

    eww. no! i like how it looks on jonas la.

    never liked chelsea or nicole’s personality though. in videos they’re kind of annoying and on twitter they write stupid things just to sound cool or get attention. but i will admit they are very pretty

  • kristennn

    chelsea!!!!!!!!!!! post a video of you playing the ukelele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liam h sucks

    Anonymous said:

    She looks like Victoria Beckham now . js
    I like it.
    hahaha ha hahahha ha !

  • Anonymous

    It looks pretty :) But I liked it better when it was a little longer

  • sophieee

    i like it…
    but she would look better with long hair.

  • Srahx3

    I love the baby pics of Nicole <3<3
    I Love
    Demi and
    Chelsea <3<3<3<3<33<3<3

  • xO

    She looks cute.

  • LoLo12

    i like it, but i liked it better when it was at her shoulders

  • nemiandjemii


  • lolli.

    thats what came to my mind. the last pic the most she looks like victoria.

  • Srahx3

    me 2 :) x

  • Sunny

    WOW freaking gorgeous!!

  • xJonasXCandyx

    O.o I liked it way better when it was longer.

  • ?jonas

    she looks pretty!!
    I like her!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s so cute!!

  • suckit

    um ok.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Love it! She’s one of those lucky girls who looks gorgeous in any hairstyle

  • _liesyoutold


  • Anonymous

    She looks like Victoria Beckham now . js
    I like it.

  • peaceandlove.

    xJonasXCandyx said:

    O.o I liked it way better when it was longer.

    Me too. :)

  • fuck yeah neviah


  • never change


  • LittleCookie


    yeah it looks sharp & stylish but i would get bored with it quickly :S


  • mileyluver15

    i miss her long long hair…she looks like a boy shes wayy to skinny for that

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh nicole is so lucky she was the cutest baby ever and now she’s gorgeous!

  • Roxxie

    Personally I love this, think she looks gorgeous.

  • RiNiO

    Chelsea looks great!!!
    These baby pics are Nicole’s???
    If so she is so adorable!

  • rqlwddotvw

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  • Girlyou

    beautiful giirl. work it

  • EdwardBiteMe

    It’s cute… but I perfer it longer, I think it’s a better look for her :)

  • Anonymous

    i think she needs to stop cutting her hair

  • Destiny Hope

    testing gif

  • BirthdayCake

    I really like it. It’s super cute! But did she lose a lot of weight or something? I remember her having a little more meat on her bones. Not that it’s any of my business.

  • SmoochieCakes

    I like it , i think it suits her but i liked her longer hair too.I guess she needed a change, which is a good thing :)

  • HBIC

    I liked Chelsea’s hair longer. It suited her better. But she seems like a cool person, hair or no hair :)!

  • Amandag85

    LOVE her, LOVE her hair, but please eat a sandwich.

  • Anonymous

    yeah it looks sharp & stylish but i would get bored with it quickly :S


  • kaniya

    don’t listen to wat miley cyrus or demi lovato says i think you look gouregous no matter how u do your hair but i love it short u look like a super model. i wish i could meet you and you’d be my sister!i look up to u ans selena theres no if but or and about it youre my idol

  • Anonymous

    love it!!!

  • never change

    i miss her long hair

  • suzii18023

    she looks adorable(:

  • aaliyahnoelle

    very cute

  • never change

    i like her hair

  • alex


  • Srahx3

    liked it longer

    anywayz love that girl so much <3<3
    she’s awesome and nicole anderson 2 !!!! <3<3<3<3
    all demi, nicole, chels and jb lovers follow me please on TWITTER: @SrahLovsNicoleA

  • liam h sucks

    good for you !

  • Anonymous

    oooh I think its pretty =3

  • Anonymous

    anorexic ?

  • Anonymous

    i love it! she looks gorgeous :)

  • sexxynickj

    I think she looks amazing! You go girl! She’s adorable!

  • Srahx3

    Owyeah.. please dont go shorter.. i like it now.. <3<3

    lovee Youu <3

  • taylorr.

    Not a good look.

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    cool beans

  • WhoXOwnsMyHeart

    WOW it still looks really good(: why is everyone cutting their hair short, though?

  • HBIC

    Shes The Ugliest Disney star! Seriously!

    Yeah, your icon /is/ pretty creepy..

  • tanziexx

    Shes The Ugliest Disney star! Seriously!

  • gottalent

    She looked great with long hair now she just looks older than she is, wwwwwwaaaaayyyy older but hey she still looks good.

  • copymonster

    I like her hair better when it was long.

  • kaniya

    u aint nothing but a hater so stop hatin on my girl chelsea staub and appriciate u probably aint got no hair

  • Anonymous

    When I was scrolling down the page, I could have sworn that that as Kate Gosselin. Whoopsie.

  • i love joe jonas.

    aaah shes gorgeous¬_¬