Elle Fanning SOMEWHERE In Venice


Elle Fanning promoting ‘Somewhere’ at the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

  • misscherie13

    I am so sad =( I had to be there in Venice too but I didn’t (thanks to my parents who didn’t want to let me go .-.).

    She’s super sweet & pretty! Love her!

  • MissSmiley

    People say she’s even more talented than Dakota! I doubt that, I mean Dakota is an AMAZING actress, she’s got a huge talent. I know it’s her sister, though. She’s pretty :) They both are and we can’t really compare them since they’re not the same age, but Elle’s prettier than Dakota was at that age.

    I used to dislike Dakota, but now I like her more and more, if only she didn’t act in Twilight movies. She’s better than that.

  • suzii18023

    shes aodrable(: lol

  • gottalent

    I don’t know who she is.
    But just saying that this girl can make anyones day like that girl from Preious.
    She maybe big but she’s always happy.

  • elhmfj

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  • Ningrid

    Strange looking, but wherever… nice

  • cmfpcuas

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  • Anonymous

    I think Dakota is beautiful

  • heyhey

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    Boring this post is dead =(

  • Destiny Hope

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  • i love joe jonas.

    she reminds me of a blond haired ginny weasley for some strange reason.

  • Ashleyy.

    Aww, shes so adorableee . (:

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous :)

  • Anonymous

    I love Dakota and Elle and think they are both beautiful and talented

  • gottalent

    I love her, she’s so talented.:)

  • Anonymous

    She was amazing in Benjamin Button <3

  • sama

    who is she

  • SoRawSUgAr

    she looks a little like her sister

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I’m really excited to see this movie, it’s look quite amazing tbh.

  • Destiny Hope

    This film looks interesting from what I’ve seen.

  • baby blue eyes

    she looks cute, unlike her sister

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re both cute, in their own way. Like… they both have a girl next door kind of like. They look average unlike most people in the entertainment business now.

  • Andreiita

    She’s more pretty than Dakona.
    I mean, Dakota was super cute when she was a litle girl, but now.. I don’t know.
    She’s bigger I know, but the change isn’t allways god =/