Hopefully Kevin gets his own E! News feature soon!

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    kevin is the underrated brother.. E News will never give him his own feature

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    HOLY CRAP I knew they werent virgins!!!

    Hotel staff at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago Illinois have evidence that Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez did indeed check out a room for themselves. From late 2009 and early 2010, Nick Jonas was on tour with his band, who call themselves The Administration. One of the receptionists, Carlisse D., said “Nick and Selena were accompanied by what looked like friends of theirs. It was a young man and woman who both looked in their early twenties.” She goes on saying how Nick and Selena kept giving each other cute, “lovey dovey” looks and were smiling the whole time. It is reported that they checked in at about 11:30 am, went up to the room and then came down about 20 minutes later. At around 2:00 pm, Nick and Selena entered the Ritz-Carlton with shopping bags and were greeted by a few of the hotel workers. One of the workers who didn’t want to share his name said that “They said hi like they were in a rush and wanted to get away from everyone.” This time Nick and Selena were not with friends. They went to their room and came down at around 6:20 pm. “When they came to checkout, Selena was wearing a different outfit and Nick had his arms wrapped around Selena’s waist. He was whispering things in her ears.” said another receptionists. “Nick looked very worn out.” Nick Jonas was scheduled to play a show at the Rosemont Theater at 8:00 pm.

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    is this vid good?
    not gonna watch it…

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    Joe’s fashion statement..well we all know he’s best naked! lol

    Love him in him in me..oops did I write that! lol

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    This video is not a Joe, its about camp rock styles. Oceanup, do you EVEN watch the damn videos before you post them??

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    That story is so full of holes. If he had a concert at 8:00 pm, he wouldn’t be at the hotel at 6:20. He had soundcheck and m&g before. At my concert he was late due to Jay Leno and was still there before 5:30. The Ritz also confirmed they had no employees with that name. And if Nick didn’t even sit closer than two feet or hold her hand in the park, there’s no way they were going to be hugging in the lobby. And he would have had security with him. Good try though.

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    more camp rock shit…