McFly The Crush TV Interview

  • Anonymous

    loved them for years now but their new sound sucks!

  • Anonymous

    mooore mcfly! lovelovelove.

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    Ik of them, but they’re geared toward the teenage demographic? Never knew that.

  • Take.A.Breath

    I’ve never seen a UK artist posted on OU…
    Are they even known in the US?

  • MaryCE02

    Ay Caramba! a McFLY post, this awesome! :D <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    they’re doing a world tour in 2011! : )

  • Abbie

    YES MCFLY!! I’m having a Mcfly Party today to celebrate their new song :) They’re doing a signing where I live on Monday :) OMG my favourite line was “Dougie, don’t go into the woods!!” LOL I’m glad Rick picked up on that :)

  • Stephanie

    Effing love them!

    Can’t wait for their world tour…they better include US into ‘the world’ this time though…

  • Anonymous

    I love the McFly boys

  • biggest mcfly fan

    why do oceanup post some of the mcfly news, if they wanna have mcfly on their site post all the news!

    aaah i loove mcfly!

  • Anonymous


  • Emma

    haha poor dougie: did i read that(the autocue) right? ‘UK’s most talented young musicians and dougie?!’ *everyone laughs* Thanks.

    I love these boys.

  • Anonymous

    it is really cool for you to post it, but i dont know if this is thew rioght site for them…but anyway i loooooooove them

  • allisonandre

    I LOVE McFly! I wish they’d come to the US. The US needs more talent like the boys of McFly.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit! OU posts about mcfly?

    this made my day, i love them. i was just listening o ‘lies’ in my car

  • Anonymous

    No, dont put Mcfly here
    They aren’t make for this kind of sites

  • Anonymous


  • carys

    Finally a mcfly post. :’Dxxxxx!
    i loved this interview.
    my sexy boys(: <3.

  • Cam

    Yes it is

  • StarLight24

    is it weird for me to say i’ve never heard of them before?

  • Anonymous

    ilovethem (lll)
    Mcfly is the best !

  • Hollieluvsux

    I wish OU would post more about the talent here in the uk like them, ..
    I used to love them, I think i may be starting to love them again

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Yay a McFly post!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yes! Mcfly baby :)

  • Anonymous

    McFLY are so talented.
    I kind of agree with Anon at 8:46.
    That is if said poster means “They aren’t made for teen star gossip sites.”
    I love this site for Disney stars, etc.
    But I feel like McFLY deserve better.