From Chelsea S: Me and my friends met Taylor Lautner on Sept. 2 in West Park when they were filming Abduction. We watched him play frisbee with his friends on set and after him and Lilly Collins got into this black Escalade and drove past us and rolled down the window telling us to walk to base camp, about a block down the street. When we got there Taylor was waiting to meet us. He was really nice, introducing himself to us and shaking our hands.

  • luckze
  • Anonymous

    YaY finally a taylor post ive been missing him aww hes such a sweet guy those girls are so lucky lol she does look like him

  • Anonymous

    She is lucky to meet him :)

  • Anonymous

    i love taylor lautner

  • never change


  • ijqwtpkd

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  • kathyfong

    you’re lucky to meet taylor! ;)

  • never change

    he is hot

  • emily

    haha yeah my friend said we look like brother and sister haha

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    They kinda look alike, maybe it’s just the skin tone. Anyway, I’m glad she got to meet Taylor.


  • JBmuchbetter

    When we got there Taylor was waiting to meet us.

    Aww so sweet of him.


  • saracalypse_

    Ahhh, I know the girl in the picture that’s being displayed! She’s one of my friends hahaha. She was so happy that she finally got her picture with Taylor (:

  • OceanUpSUX

    WHY DID HE CUT HIS HAIR??????????
    I was always more fond of his hair than his abs :|
    I ADORED his long spiky hair… RIP :'(

  • stori39

    When we got there Taylor was waiting to meet us.

    Awww! He’s so sweet! ^_^ I <3 that guy.

  • i love joe jonas.

    taylor, just take off your shirt.
    and keep it off. for ever.

  • Chelsea S.

    me and my friends have been waitingggg forever to meet him ! hes so gorgeous in person ! and believee me when we walked away we all screamed like little 10 year olds :D!

  • Hollieluvsux

    Its been a while since the last taylor post :)
    He`s georgeous

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    I would freaking out if I meet taylor in the park..