Mitchel Musso Rocks New York State Fair


From yankeesfan and Samantha: It was free concert at the New York State Fair! It was amazing, Mitchel kept throwing his stuff to the crowd. He kept teasing us every time we tried reach for him. He would come close then would just back off and run to other side.

  • iNatMadebyApple

    he’s Gay ;p..

  • spqtqqf

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  • _liesyoutold

    I don’t find him that hot…

  • Anonymous

    I went there! I’m samantha so some pics are mine! it was amazing! front row! whoooo!

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel Musso is soo hot now!! I love his tattoos :)

  • KristinaMarie559


  • SelGomezLove..x

    AhH Soo Sexyy

  • Anonymous

    put ur shirt on u skinny freak!

  • hixpxahw

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  • Anonymous

    He skin has a lot of acne. That is a sign of steroids or drug use–which, judging by the looks of him, seems quite plausible.

  • sendynara

    sooooooo hot! *.*

  • Anonymous

    dude got tattss love it <3

  • Holly.J.Coyne

    He’s got nice arms, but I’ve seen better. He surely has grown up since HM premiered in 06

  • wulijun


  • Anonymous

    EW ok i like him but EW

  • Anonymous

    EW i like him but EW

  • Anonymous

    EW i like him but EW

  • lalalalalala

    HE IS HOT <3

  • Anonymous

    uh no, he’s a teenager, well his nineteen but yeah, its normal for a guy to get ache, i have it. he doesn’t do drugs.

  • Anonymous

    I think its funny how some guys think showing their underpants is attractive…

    Dude get some pants that fit you. And whats with all of the celebrities with getting tattoos… It doesnt make you look “older”.

  • Anonymous

    Im the yankeesfan person! haha some are my picures :D The main one is! :)

  • cuseee

    yeahhh cusee thats how we do.
    Just landed in Las Vegas! SYRACUSE, NY., i’ll miss u! What a show today, u Rocked it! –mitchels twitter

  • Anonymous

    This guy obviously thinks that he’s a big star..

  • baby blue eyes

    wow, he looks hot. *____*
    Now compare him to the first season Hannah Montana, Oliver.

  • CatchMe.

    when did he get fit?

  • Roxxie

    He’s seriously yum! Heh.
    Wanna here some more music from him though.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh i went :)

  • liam h sucks

    pleas work out dude in 2008 you were so buff *____*
    what hapend ?

  • realistgangsta


  • hey_ash

    he would be hot IF his hair wasnt dyed. i like it brown :)

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