Chris Koon YO-YO New Single

The first single from Chris Koon‘s upcoming EP ‘Electric’.

  • lhblrrmqpt

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  • Anonymous

    it is a great song. people have to start somewhere. just cuz he’s not as famous as the bieb or jb doesn’t mean he’s not good. i like this.

  • jhondoe
  • seoerjiang

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  • bluesfan3410

    Haha who?

  • IfUSeekBritney

    Who is This hah :P

  • Fiona

    um, who is he? he kinda scares me o.O

  • myfactoryanimal?

    oceanup. why?

  • Anonymous

    Way to post someone that thinks that THEY are a celebrity, when they’re a nobody. I’m from Indiana and I can tell you that NOBODY here gives a crap about him other than his “followers”.

  • cantbetamed1

    I love him! lol jk, he’s a nobody that shouldn’t be here.

  • smileymandy

    He’s a nice guy lay off, I’ve known him for 7 years. This is a good song, and he is an even better dancer than he is a singer. So everyone lay off and give Chris some slack.

  • Anonymous

    OU will post this guy, but not Stevie Brock??

  • Anonymous

    everyone needs to calm down. don’t be haters because he isn’t famous. He is pretty good, and more talented than alot of people who are famous, so cut him some slack! Who cares if he isn’t famous. i am sure he will be famous soon.