For October 2010! Selena Gomez told Latina what she wants for Christmas: ‘I really want to get Rosetta Stone, because I really need to learn my language. I practice [Spanish], but I can understand it better than I can speak it. So in a lot of my interviews that I did recently, they would speak to me in Spanish and I would answer back in English. They were like, ‘You pick it up so easily,’ but I don’t want to say it in Spanish because I’d be embarrassed if I mess something up.’

What she’s looking for in a boyfriend: ‘You never really know when you’re in love at this age. I don’t know what love is. I would like someone who is not cool and who is really fun to be around and loves family and has good morals.’

On her BFF: ‘My cousin Priscilla [Deleon] is as close to a sister as I’m going to get. She’s going to be my Maid of Honor when I get married, and I’m going to be hers. I have really good friends in the business and really good friends that are not in the business. I think it’s healthy to have people you relate to and then people who don’t care about blogging and all of the celebrity crap.’