AJ Michalka It’s Who You Are PREVIEW

From Secretariat!

  • Lil Jay

    I love this woman. So beautifulll Aj!!!

  • jhondoe
  • gottalent

    I love AJ her sister acts spoiled but when they sing together their like magic.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THIS! reminds me of the old aly & aj minus aly of course because this was for secretariat. but i love the whole style, very vintage aly & aj with the boots and the dress and kind of countryish and her long hair again! reminds me of their into the rush stuff! and it’s such an inspiring song i love it! just lovelovelove AJ! when she sings like this, she speaks to me! <3

  • Sophia

    What the heck? Aly is not spoiled. They are far from it! Two of the most talented people ever. I’ve been a fan of them since Phil of the Future and I absolutely adore them. I will ALWAYS support them through everything because they truly understand how to act and are as down to earth as possible

  • never change

    cool video

  • _liesyoutold

    Whoa.. Where’s ALY? I’m not used to seeing only AJ.