• Anonymous

    Love her. It looks so much better brown!!

  • britt<3

    –whyyyyyy did she have to get her highlights back?

    she looked SOOO good like this!

  • jhondoe
  • Anonymous

    she looks PERFECT as a brunett.

  • jordan a. brown

    you are a hot bitch

  • sophieee

    She looks better.

  • never change

    i like her regular hair better

  • dykvqq

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  • lolita

    She’s really cute…

  • Anonymous

    I like her new style, she looks beautiful ;)

  • Anonymous


  • YOitsMiley


  • wsknlihl

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  • Anonymous

    you don’t like her new color, yet your hair is THAT color? at least hers is NORMAL!!!!!!

  • ensuringthecrisis

    From what I can see I really don’t like her new color :/

  • never change

    she looks diffrent

  • emilylovee

    cutee. :)

  • Nice

    very, very, very beautiful.

  • JBeezyDreezy

    both her voice n her hair are like Selena.. Selenas old haircut :]

  • demiismylife

    Why does her upper lip stays up?!
    It bothers me why is it like that !!

  • jocelyn

    OH WHO CARES BOUT DAT BITCH!! SHE SHOULD GET OFF OF DISNEY CHANNEL NOBODY CARES HER FUCKIN HAIR AND NOW she’s gona sing oh come on BITCH NO ONE wants to hear u sing bet u she cant even sing fuckin bitch NO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lolita

    She’s really cute…

  • lolita

    She’s really cute…