Mean Girls 2 CAST PICTURE!


Jennifer Stone dished to BOP! about life: ‘You have to aspire to be the best you can be.. I put acne cream on at night and I have to wash it off in the morning. It’s not very glamorous. When I am on a break, I never wear makeup, that way my skin doesn’t go crazy and break out. If you’re young, enjoy not wearing makeup. You’re still beautiful.’


  • -Jenii

    mean girls 2: disney version will be a fail

  • thedarksunshine

    this is going to be crap. Unless it’s the same Mean Girls’ image then maybe, just maybe it’ll be half as good as the first one.

  • Noraa15

    i refuse to watch mean girls 2.

  • xCookieMuffin

    It’s gonna suck :s. These disney kids can’t even swear -.-. I’ll only watch it if they use the original cast…

  • hotlikemexico

    They definitely do not look like ‘mean girls’.
    Poor choice in casting etc.

    Can anyone say, epic fail?

  • Anjhanee

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    P.S — There is no way that this movie will be anywhere near the ORIGINAL mean girls. That one was, epic. Just sayyyying.

  • Whatever..

    Man, I might actually watch it, but these girls are too goodie goodie to make their image ‘bad’ and curse in Mean Girls 2. It’s going to suck. Might as well put friggen Selena Gomez in this too, huh ? :\

  • YOitsMiley

    oh god no :/

  • Anonymous

    wth? this will be absolutely terrible, especially with these girls in it. i have nothing against them but really? there are so many other ppl they could’ve got but then again, why make another one? the first one is a classic, it doesnt need a sequel

  • Anonymous

    Fuck! Mean Girls 2 is gonna suck. What’s with the little innocent disney girls? It totally ruins the concept of the Mean Girl image.

  • Anonymous

    uhm, why the fuck are they using disney girls? i swear to god if this is going to be some shitty fucking disney stupid ass movie……

  • staygold

    this movie is gunna suck ass:/. i think jennifer looks pretty tho(:

  • Destiny Hope

    Is this a tv movie? or a real film?

  • RiNiO

    Perfect ,I was waiting a pic from mean girls 2 so i can see Nicole and she isn’t in it…..
    I am seriously that lucky????SARCASM

  • HBIC

    Better than Regina George? Oh I don’t think so!

  • never change

    the whole cast is disney girls

  • Anonymous

    Disney Girls…. Mean Girls
    that just CAN’T be together…
    hmmm not ‘smart’ idea.

  • omg wtf lolz

    Oh great, this won’t be funny at all or even close to anything Mean Girls was.

    They made it what it is today – a quotable movie.

    Who the hell let them do this? God this is gonna suck considering those 3 can’t act anyway. Just Sayin.

  • _liesyoutold


  • whatsername.21

    why would you make a sequel to a movie that epic? they’re just ruining, wtf.

    and now i KNOW that any thoughts of me even THINKING of watching it have been washed away with finding out this is the cast. fuck this.

  • realistgangsta

    hell no

  • StarryEyedCyrus

    Why would they put Disney girls in it? OMG NOO. Just no.

  • suzii18023

    mean girls 2?No way not watching

  • never change

    jennifer and maiara look nice

  • Anonymous

    i am so not gonna watch thiss its gonna be terrible especially with all the disney stars

  • xxloverxx

    DNFW!!! i hate jen stonne she trys too hard

  • Take.A.Breath

    THATS the cast for Mean Girls 2??!
    Not expecting much then.

  • jhondoe
  • taylorllama

    Bad casting, bad choice of not going to theatres, but it may have some some some potential. But later on when there are better actresses and actors out we need to get another re-do Mean Girls 2 and call this one just a spoof.

  • Ebter

    You Can Say That Again(:

  • LoveToLove

    this… will… be.. crap

  • Anonymous

    i agreee.. the first one was really good but this one is with all the disney stars so it will probably be terrible.

  • @majups_

    awwww cute :)

  • Anonymous

    awww :D


    Blah. They’re making a second one? It’s gonna be impossible to be as epic as the first.

  • Anonymous

    wait i was first? :D OMG haha kidding this place is dead :D

  • Anonymous

    Wogyahd fluff dhkte nffik dunks who’d shots. Finchn

  • Billy bob

    These people are too young and too disney to make the film any good. LL and the others may have been young but they were sassy .. These girls are lame

  • Anonymous

    making a second one wil prob kill the first ones epicness