Emily Osment Gorgeous Twitter Picture


  • Geovanna

    que linda

  • sinnerxo

    Absolutely gorgeous. :)

  • xmickeyx18


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she looks like carrie underwood

  • Kahrazy

    i totally agree

  • Anjhanee

    I think she looks gorgeous. I really wish that people would give her more credit, and show her a little more attention. She’s actually very talented, and writes most of her own songs. Most of you only like CERTAIN ‘disney people’ who honestly in my opinion are not as talented at all, and suck live but yet they get SO many comments about how ‘amazing’ they sounded. I’m just saying some people have double standards Give EVERYONE a fair chance. That’s just my opinion.

  • Diamondback

    Bummer OU always posts the blurry/low-qual versions of these pictures.

  • never change

    the picture is alright

  • never change

    she look’s like carrie underwood

  • Anonymous

    Please look different from every angle so you can’t just say its the makeup or photo shop. She’s GORGEOUS

  • fullyoriginal

    I think she looks beautiful :) And her music is amazing and so unique. I love it. Can people please stop insulting her? Think what you like but dont waste your time letting the whole world know.

  • jnlbml

    I think she looks pretty here.

  • SparksFly

    I wouldn’t have known it was her if it didn’t have a title.

  • Ashley

    I think she looks really pretty. Emily is beautiful :) But Miley is prettier than everyone! All the Disney stars beauty combined! Lol I love Miley Cyrus forever!

  • jhondoe
  • mileyluver15

    looks like lauren conrad to mee

  • IDC..:)

    If only they didnt use “photoshop” to make her look really pretty.
    Is there something bad about real beauty or wat?

  • Anonymous

    If I had her make-up team I could look pretty too. It doesn’t even look like her cause she has a pound of make-up on her face.

  • Anonymous


  • Jaymee__x

    Too much photoshop…
    But I love her.<3

  • taylorllama

    I like her.


    Doesn’t even look that much like her.

  • Hollieluvsux

    I dont like her

  • Anonymous

    Wowwww, you fucking 13 year olds are dumb. It’s ART. She looks GORGEOUS. Get a life.