Jesse McCartney BOA BOY


Jesse McCartney dining at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood, Sept. 10. Fame.

  • jhondoe
  • never change

    love his music he rocks

  • nwlpwxkq

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  • Anonymous

    Want Jesse McCartney to come party at your house??? OMG! Yes you do!!! Check it out:

  • Anonymous

    haha I don’t know but when I read this title I expected him to be wearing a feathered boa lol wow I’m dumb.

  • Kristeels

    Jesse <3

  • tanziexx

    I Love him!

  • taylorllama

    Awww Jess….

  • CT

    @anonymous People eat lol

  • CT

    @anonymous People eat lol

  • Jaymee__x

    I don’t find him attractive anymore… :/
    Like his music, though…

  • asmoothcriminal

    My hubby. ;)

  • Anonymous

    this boy and his food, oh man. ? haha.