Thx Lauren, Alex, Genevieve, Anna, Max & Jesse!

  • Yup

    but if you listen to the lyrics of taylor’s song its telling him that its okay and she understands. i think.

  • suzii18023

    hahaha thats so cute(: thats so sweet she didnt reject

  • dina

    thank goodnes it was just a joke,mbu tserlouly celebs get really anyued when fans propose to them liek that!

  • heartinvasion?

    Taylor looked sad and walked off all emo at the end of her performance. What’s wrong with her? :[

  • avroxxxy

    I envy those who’s watching the VMAs atm.

  • urluvismydrugg

    wasn’t she proposed to before too haha?


    So much secondhand embarrassment from that.

  • Anonymous

    who’s max?

  • Anonymous

    You can hear Cameron quiseng from allstar weekends voice in the background near the middle. He says “if the guys don’t know where I am have them call me.”

  • Anonymous

    Thats adorable :)

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    wait what? she’s engaged?!

  • evanescence

    i dont understand what’s happening O.o

  • ForeverandAlwayss


  • Anonymous

    He’s in a band called Bring Back All.

  • Anonymous

    Is that Christina Grimmies brother in the back left corner?

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA i live like 10 minutes from the York Fair…my friends got to meet her first in line but i didnt=[

  • Uhuh

    AWWW that was so sweet <3 Her reaction.. Priceless <3<3<3

  • mileycrush

    i wish some one cud do that to miley for once :(

  • taylorllama

    hahhaa ;)

  • Anonymous (both guys are in a band!)

  • Anonymous

    i love her outfit!! sel always looks sooo gorgeous ;)

  • Anonymous

    hahaha love this video!!!

  • Anonymous

    sel is so adorable <3

  • Anonymous

    heartinvasion? said:

    That was so cute xD
    gorgeous icon ;)

  • Anonymous

    wow. she has the same reaction every time she has a marriage proposal. “gasp! *covers mouth* *hugs* thank you!” really selena. stop being so predictable.

  • Anonymous


  • avroxxxy

    Anonymous said:

    Damn Taylor Swift showed Kanye clips b4 her song… This is why I dont like her. Tht was uncalled for and just rude. Its was a year ago, get over it gurl

    Really omg story please

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  • w

    Ha, that’s cute.

  • avroxxxy

    Why would you post this if theres a Selena VMA arrival beast dress! :P

  • heartinvasion?

    That was so cute xD

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    lmao how sweet

  • oceanUP.

    OMG THAT WAS HILARIOUS…… I saw this in our email inbox earlier today. Hahahaha.. her reaction was priceless. hahahah And then she dedicated a song to him, that was nice of her! Wonder how Miley or Demi would react! :o

    Hahahah the guy didn’t even get an individual picture with her! how sad! his friend had to butt in and get his own pic! lol.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha

  • SexyBunny

    Mario ftw

  • Anonymous


  • Confusious

    would someone explain what happened i am a bit confused a friend says she’s engaged is it true? :S

  • mileycrush

    we want some one to do that tooo miley :(

  • Anonymous

    Damn Taylor Swift showed Kanye clips b4 her song… This is why I dont like her. Tht was uncalled for and just rude. Its was a year ago, get over it gurl

  • never change

    she was like thanks but no thanks

  • Anonymous


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  • jhondoe