EASY A starring Emma Stone hits theaters on September 17. Here’s a FUN quiz for your Monday morning! Hey guys, it’s Olive. So, you think the ‘little things’ don’t matter, yeah, try again.

Apparently, everything from how you plan your weekends to what you do with that extra birthday money says a lot about who you are. Don’t believe me? Take a quiz below to see what your actions are saying about you. Your reputation will thank you for it.

A tampon falls out of your locker just as a hottie is walking by. Do you..
a. Smile at him, shrug your shoulders flirtatiously.. at least you caught his eye
b. Bury your face in you locker to hide how much you are blushing
c. Bend down quickly to grab it, praying you don’t accidentally head butt him

It’s Friday afternoon, as you’re leaving school you..
a. Start replying to the 20 texts about your plans for the weekend
b. Mentally catalog what’s left to watch on the DVR when your BFF comes over on Saturday
c. Head to the library to get a jump start on your ‘History Of Fungus’ paper

The last time you logged on to you profile page, you had an event reminder for..
a. The bonfire after this week’s home game
b. The park clean-up for your BF’s little brother’s elementary school
c. The AP Physics ‘Protons & Pizza’ Party

Cha-Ching! Grandma comes through with that check for your birthday. Do you..
a. Head straight to the mall for those new super skinnies you’ve been dying for.
b. Spend half on a great new pair of ballet flats, put the rest in the college fund
c. Donate it to your fave animal rights charity

You definition of a romantic dinner is..
a. A quiet booth for two in a dark corner of a fab restaurant
b. A cozy picnic for two in the shade of beautiful old trees
c. If the dog doesn’t drool on you when you’re eating with the family

Someone gossiping about you..
a. Is social currency
b. Can really hurt
c. Would be a dream fulfilled

Mostly A’s: Social Butterfly

You don’t see wanting to have fun as a bad thing. People are probably jealous of your comfort in such a wide range of social situations. Use your power for good by joining the prom planning committee now and think about going into public relations as a career.

Mostly B’s: Goody – Goody

There’s nothing wrong with being the good girl. People are probably jealous of your optimism and will power. Just remember to let your hair down once in a while. Belt out a few of your favorite karaoke tunes in the middle of the living room when no one’s around!

Mostly C’s: Bookworm

Smart is a very attractive trait. People are probably jealous of your grades and the success you’ll enjoy in the future. Don’t let all work and no play make you dull though. Apply that intellectual curiosity to a range of subjects and experiences. The more well rounded you are, the better.

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  • Anonymous

    lol i got 3 A’s and 3 B’s so im between a social butterfly and a goody goody xD Good enough!

  • Anonymous

    I got an equal amount..2 A’s 2 B’s & 2 C’s…so this didn’t work out :P

  • lolli.

    I’m a Social Butterfly!
    always have been … :]


  • Anonymous

    Social Butterfly/Good-Goody…. This quiz was right on lol

  • -Jenii

    I wanna see thiss :)

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  • Uhuh

    I’m a Social Butterfly!! :D
    Woah cant wait for this moviiieee!!

  • taylorllama

    Social Butterfly but I’m really a combo of all 3. ;)
    (so excited 4 easy A!)

  • jhondoe
  • Anonymous

    i’m a bookworm…..IDK if it’s good or bad…..LOL :)

  • someone

    so true…HAHA…. ;)

  • omg wtf lolz

    Social Butterfly. :D not rlly.. D:

  • lauragxo

    social butterfly.. haha not really actually :D:D

  • Anonymous

    Social butterfly…. I dnt get it lol….I think I’m a combo of social butterfly, bookworm, and goody goody

  • Chococatx3

    Goody Goody D: that is sooo….true :P

  • Chococatx3

    Can’t wait for this movie! :D

  • Mary

    Goody goody……and what is the point of this? I’m assuming OceanUp got paid to post this…-___-

  • Mary

    & there is deff more than 3 types of people in the world/school….-____________-