Mdot Falls Off Stage During FIRE

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Lmfao. fail

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  • never change

    this is to funny

  • Noraa15

    lmfao xD

    does anyone else think the background sngers are annoying? when i went, they were really screamy -_-

  • Anonymous

    I think i was at that concert haha :)

  • baby blue eyes

    i hate that i laugh when people fall or hurt themselves xDDD

  • springstrawberry

    Oh Gosh, I feel so bad for him !

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    i hate that i laugh when people fall or hurt themselves xDDD
    me too , i feel so bad. anywaaaay, i’m kinda addicted to this song right now.

  • Anonymous

    I saw that! I was there! I was laughing. Lololol.

  • Alex

    Gearsarealwayst… said:
    lmao i love when people fall
    me 2 i just can’t stop laughing

  • Anonymous

    i was there and i kept laughing till the concert ended

  • unique

    aawww… poor guy, that’s hurt!

  • Uhuh

    Hahaha LMFAO You can see him fall almost in slow motion xD

  • Anonymous

    Is it in play back? i mean he falls and we don’t hear a difference….??

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  • jhondoe
  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaa first?

  • ISawYouCry

    Anonymous said:
    Hahahahaa first?
    damn it!!!!! hahaha

  • ISawYouCry


  • Anonymous

    lol :D first!

  • ISawYouCry

    complete fail! hahaha i mean how couldn’t he see that that was the end of the stage? :|

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    lmao i love when people fall

  • DJ Danger

    Hahahahahahahahaha NICE

  • me

    hahahhaaaa(: poor guy!

  • Hollieluvsux

    Lmao ! :D

  • Anonymous