Taylor Swift Emma Stone Easy A Premiere


Photos: WENN.

  • Dumaaa ?

    I’m so excited for this movie! :D

  • amelie.

    Green is a nice color for her.
    It’s a nice change from all the usual silver glitteryness.

  • taylorllama

    I love them! <3
    Can’t wait till Easy A…

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    thats emma?

  • VioletHan

    At the main pic, she looks kinda awkward XD

  • Anonymous


  • ColdAsU

    Emma looks gorg Taylor looks pretty.I’m hot ‘n cold about the dress color tho! The pics of Emma and Taylor are cute!

  • Anonymous

    taytay looks sad and kinda ugly
    WTF!! :|

  • Anonymous

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  • piter

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  • Anonymous

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    my icon is for taylor

  • Alex Greene

    she looks pretty <3 her

  • bluesfan3410

    I don’t like it

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Not the biggest Swifty fan right now, but I do really want to see Easy A.

  • discoheavenn.

    No offense, get some tanning lotion or something. And a stylist. Sorry guys, I honestly love her and usually her outfits, too, but she shouldn’t wear something that just does not fit AT ALL with her teint etc.

  • fearless now

    she looks beautiful, classy and charming

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone is hawwttttt!!!!

  • a_bit_confused

    nice dress. Can’t wait to see this film

  • whatsername.21

    ahhh she looks gorgeousss (:
    taylor has really nice style when she’s not wearing her glittery sparkle-jizz dresses :P
    did she dye her hair? she looks really vintage, like old hollywoood style! really pretty.
    which i love, i love vintage, antiques, etc :D

  • whatsername.21

    and this may seem like a stupid question but are emma stone and jennifer stone related?
    besides the obvious name-sharing they look kinda similar?
    i’m sorry if i sound like a total idiot but i’m totally clueless at times

  • Anonymous

    She’s way to skinny. If she gained a little weight and filled herself out she would look much healthier.

  • Hilary


  • suzii18023


  • Uhuh

    Im dying to see this movie!!!
    Nice color Taylor…I think..:/

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  • luckze
  • never change

    she look’s weird

  • jhondoe
  • lfhivqhgpt

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  • Destiny Hope

    No Taylor love, dead here
    I do want to see this film though.

  • LILLIAN319


  • lillian319

    she’s sooo pretty!! love her

  • Anonymous

    looks like christmas..colors.

  • Ali.

    comment twins haha

  • Ali.

    She looks like Christmas with the red lips and green dress lol

  • ClaireMichelle

    She looks fantastic. I love that color.

  • Anonymous

    We were at the premiere! It was so cool Keke Palmer and Matt Bennet were there too! The crowd across the street was chanting Taylor’s and Emma’s names!

  • Anonymous

    mm emerald. i approve. nicely done.