Zac Efron Charlie St. Cloud MADRID


Zac Efron bearded at the Charlie St. Cloud Madrid, Spain premiere. Fame.


    Ahh, not big on the beard, but he’s definitely very hot.

  • suzii18023

    agh shave!

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  • Miss93LydiaZac

    omg…i wanna see zac eforn in shirtless…so hot

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  • never change

    he’s hot but not with that beard

  • jhondoe
  • all for me

    he isn’t very cute to me anymore he looks like Jared Leto!

  • a_bit_confused

    I prefer Joe Jonas bearded than Zac.. but he looks ok (;

  • Zaccerd

    With or without beard,
    he’s still hot n.n

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  • pvewprtjlg

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  • Alex Greene

    the beard is weird..hahahaha you get it beard is weird ..omg i’m getting worst and worst

  • yesaella

    ill be first if you dont mind

  • lauren lipkin

    that ring is kinda big.

  • amy

    I love the beard, he looks super good here!

  • xbmcgnmp

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  • Kate

    I mean *GIRLS still swoon over Zac (in the first sentence) lol typo -__-

  • Chelsea-Rose

    LOL at the first picture. Oh, how I love you Zac.

  • Anonymous

    Looking hot Zac. Have anyone seen the video when Zac was at the premiere in Madric? Omg, I had to turn the sound down becauase of all the screaming girls! Lmao

  • Anonymous

    wow the beard is kinda Shia LaBeouf-ish. But he looks hot with it :) he looks way better now than his HSM days.

  • Kate

    Zac still swoons over Zac eventhough they know the fact that he has a GF which something Nick and Joe afraid to because they are afraid they are gonna lose the fangirls when they revealed they have a GF. I think what makes a celeb dude hot is having to commit to one women for a long time. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Zac Efron, Shia Labeouf, Robert Pattinson…they are all taken yet fangirls go crazy over them.