+ @ Claridges in London, England. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Zac Efron is soo hot
    I love him, he is the love of my life
    I can`t live without him
    Please Vanessa don`t married with Zac I want married with Zac HAHAHA
    I want to see him
    I Love You
    My Life would suck without you

  • Jasmin

    The facial hair is kind of growing on me..
    I dont like it that much, but he looks hot here! I mean, he kinda looks like a 30 year old, but lets face it, no matter what, Zac will always he HOT <3

  • Miss93LydiaZac

    so hot…i wanna see him to

  • never change

    like his hair in this picture

  • jfdszbmzcwy

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  • IfUSeekBritney


  • DannielleLu_x

    Zac Efron & a beard… no thank you :)

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich


  • Anonymous

    zac efron love like crazy have no idea how much I love you

  • Anonymous

    It’s the jacket that’s hot. beard and glasses need to go.

  • ClaireMichelle

    He looks smokin’ hot. He looks good clean shaven and can rock a beard. Nice. I mean, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed to go shave… ;)

  • Anonymous

    He gets better looking all the time.

  • jhondoe
  • mbtwalkingshoes

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  • Take.A.Breath

    whoaaa what the crap?

  • Anonymous

    He kind of looks like Liam Hemsworth with the facial hair.

  • Motorcycle Leather Suit

    Looking so handsome in this picture.

  • ibqaudnfpy

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  • carys

    i’m still debating on this whole facial hair thing..
    he looks kinda hot in this picture.. >.<

  • Moonbeam

    (In Lillys voice)


  • You Were Thinking It

    Loving the face fuzz :)

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Idc I like Zac’s beard…all the beard haters to the left. Beard or no beard, Zac can never look “ugly”.

  • peacenlove

    he’s always hot :)


    Secksy. The beard is growing on me.

  • Alex Greene

    i’m actually one of thos people who thinks that he should shave ..but he looks really hot over here

  • Anonymous–

    I think he looks hot with the beard!:D

  • Anonymous