David Henrie, ‘Nailed It On The 2nd Try’

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    David has been more famous this past months

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  • never change

    that was good

  • Anonymous

    At least him crying to Lucy Hale, “I’m sorry for loving you” was humorous. Boring.

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  • RiNiO

    Go David!!!!

  • Hangover


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  • Anonymous

    That’s Selena Gomez in the back?

    For those who say it’s easy… Well; I must be really clumsy or stupid then because there’s no way in earth I can do that.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    At least him crying to Lucy Hale, “I’m sorry for loving you” was humorous. Boring.

    When was he crying?
    Are you watch the wrong video?

  • Anonymous

    1st ry
    its 5 miunslong
    andb canu send easy A

  • Anonymous

    thats wicked! found some more here: http://eyeprime.blogspot.com/

    me likes david :)

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    wow so cool not

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    Right . . . he didn’t release the video to get a post on a gossip site. He released it because it’s awesome? And if David was irrelevant, he wouldn’t be one of the most followed people in the world? You have a strange mind.

  • Anonymous

    LOL he has to release his own twitvids to even get a pathetic post. Irrelevant, no one covers anything he does.

  • Anonymousey

    It’s a gossip site, so therefore the admin posts? I’m confused. :p

  • ericabbyx22

    What’s with all of these posts?

  • Anonymous

    Well we all have strengths. Like some people say spelling and capitalization is not hard and they can do it, and you can’t. Some people say flipping like that is hard and you say it’s easy. We’re different speciman.

  • Jessx7x

    no effence..but thts not hard at all, i can do that

  • Anonymous

    I see Selena and Jennifer in clip. I’m support Delena (David and Selena). Love you so much.

  • Anonymous

    i thought the title was referring to sex.

  • avroxxxy

    that’s cool!

  • Anonymous

    i love david! :)

  • xoShannonxo

    OU on a roll or what?

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