Mitchel Musso Talks Miley & Lip Tattoo

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Lookin’ good, Mitch. I find all of that so hot hahaha. Yummmm. :D

  • Anonymous

    awwwww he said he loves Miley to death!!!!!

  • Uhuh

    Wow.. The stupidest thing you can do is getting a Tattoo of your girl/boyfriend’s name… That’s just Stupid!!! I don’t like his new show BTW.. I liked him better in Hanna Montana ):

  • xCookieMuffin

    So he went from Hannah Montana to a shitty show?

  • Jane Doe

    He has a tattoo on his lip?

  • Anonymous

    the lip tattoos aren’t really permanent guys.
    they usually wear off in about 6 months.
    so if they break up or whatever, he could just not get it redone. calm down.

  • Anonymous

    lip tattoos come off… calm down.

  • Anonymous

    Is he on crack or something? Because he seems to be on something!

  • gomiley

    I love what he said about miley, but getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name on his lip…stupid

  • Anonymous

    So he went from Hannah Montana to a shitty show?
    He went from a supporting actor on one Disney show to a main actor in another Disney show, I don’t know how that is bad, except maybe he is getting a bit to old for acting on Disney.

  • Anonymous

    can’t he just die? :|

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    He’s gross. End of.

  • Anonymous

    Hope he MARRIES that gf… Anyway, he looks so much older!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn

    he looks really good, but hes getting too old and i miss the old mitchel

    and people getting his gf’s name tattoed on his lip isnt a big deal he did that cause mouth tattoos only last like 3-5 years until they go away my friend has one, he did that so if they ever break up it will go away and he doesnt have her name on his body forever

  • Anonymous

    Why would you tattoo your girlfriends name on your lip?

  • briannabieber

    Fuckin tweaker.

  • BglitterBBy2.0

    If he still dating that one chick from that new Nick show then she’s pretty.

  • StarStruck33

    I Love what he said About Miley It’s so true.
    & Him talking about his rib Tattoo HURT ME haha

  • Anonymous

    He seemed pretty wired.

  • Courtney

    He reminds me of Aaron Carter the way he talks. Is that just me? Hahaaa.

  • Mitchel’s Anonymous Fan

    OMFG!!! so it’s not just me… I am soooo damn worried.. His voice, he’s stuttering, jittery, scratching, stupid ass lip tattoo for a gir he’s been dating for about a year. He’s on something.. :'(

  • Erin McHugh

    Tattoos on the lip fade away after awhile. So maybe it’s because if they break up at anytime… it’ll fade away and not be such a constant reminder.

  • Mitchel’s Anonymous Fan

    Yes, he’s orange, he’s bald, probably on drugs, and he has a LIP TATTOO, of a girl he’s been dating for ONLY ABOUT A YEAR.. :O :'(

  • holly

    he got his girlfriends name on his lip..
    the hell..

  • Amandag85

    wow! tweaking much?!?!

  • Anonymouss

    omg yeah! i was thinking the same thing haha

  • Anonymouss

    omg yeah! i was thinking the same thing haha

  • Anonymous

    What symbol does he have on his rib?

  • Anonymous

    He’s on coke, assholes. Can’t you see it? Gosh.

  • Anonymous

    He’s on coke. Can’t you guys notice it? God.

  • mileyluver15

    did he seriously tattoe his gfs name on his lip?? well thats one stupid boy.
    and he looks awful with his fake tan. i miss the old mitchel just saying

  • Ediee

    He’s amazing but just too many tats

  • Anonymous

    his horribleee!

  • Kaila

    Tats are hott!!

  • xCookieMuffin

    He’s kinda cute but has so many tats on his body. Hopefully he doesn’t plan on getting some on his face -_- …

  • WTH

    i love mitchell and all but your girlfriends name on your lips come on now think smart man

  • ThaNameIsMimi

    he’s hot(:
    his tats turn me on<3
    is that weird?

  • shadowuk
  • xCookieMuffin


  • Anonymous

    Will you guys get over yourselves :| It’s his choice about the tattoo, just cause he doesn’t want to follow in Miley’s direction in leaving Disney, doesn’t mean you should insult him, I find the move is probably a step up from HM. Plus he’s much better looking now ;)

  • MooseFan

    I personally don’t think he’s on coke. Mitchel has said he has anxiety problems before. The jittery behavior is a definite side effect of anxiety medication which can make you both spacey and giddy. I’ve taken it before. It can also be a direct symptom of his anxiety itself. And even if he is on coke, mind your own fucking business.

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  • Anonymous

    He’s on coke. Can’t you guys notice it? God

    i was just about to say the same thing.
    its sooo obvious.

  • Anonymous

    its seriously soo obvious hes on coke its ridiculous

  • liam h sucks

    is he on drugs ???????
    but i still love you mitch just dont do drugs

  • Phoebe

    I love Mitchel:)
    He’s a nice guy,
    not really into the tats thing like seriously your girlfriends NAME on your LIP? WTH?
    I miss him on HM (okay I don’t…)

    I thought it was funny he called Miley a “homie” haha what he said about her was really sweet though! (and TRUE!)

  • britt

    of course he’s on drugs – dude just said miley’s one of the most phenomenal singers alive. that can’t be said sober.

  • ericabbyx22

    Oh, how i’ve missed Mitchel. :|

  • xoShannonxo

    He’s still here?

  • xCookieMuffin

    Yay! I was first =)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • xoShannonxo

    That show sounds utterly stupid…