Teen Mom Glamorizing Teen Parenthood

  • Anonymous

    it so is!

  • CaitieMinaj

    the people themselves don’t because they’re actually having to support their child themselves. it’s actually warned me about being more careful. BUT knowing that if you get pregnant you CAN be on television is what most girls are seeing, they don’t care about the hard work they just want to be on TV.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not only being glamourized on tv but in real life. I’ve talked to 4 pregnant teenagers online, not one regrets their baby and they love it and they all finish school and buy houses. And they are all milfs. i’m convinced teenage pregnancy is just given a bad rep, but if you want your baby when you’re 13, it’s okay. You can handle it if you try.

  • Anonymous


    I think it’s very hard to go what they are going through, and the fact that they chose to have a camera in their face throughout the entire trauma, means they must have a ton of integrity. Like she said, most teenagers who are pregnant suffer alone and feel like they can’t talk to anyone. they deserve some recognition. I think I’d have been offended if I were either of the teens in this interview.

  • Anonymous

    if thats glamours i would like to see not glamours.

  • urluvismydrugg

    no. they do a pretty good job at making them look miserable. /=

  • reyjytyb

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  • Anonymous

    Honestly if you know of any teens who are purposefully getting pregnant in order to be on e TV show that’s already airing/under production, please, enlighten me.

    Until then I’d like to believe that today’s teens are NOT that stupid.

  • Anonymous

    this show DOES NOT make me wanna be a teen mom

  • austin19

    oh golly gee , does it? -___-

  • hotlikemexico

    You guys are stupid. Teen Mom AND MTV ARE glamorizing it. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be on every magazine cover!

  • hotlikemexico

    Amber is a ugly bitch. I would hate to be with that chick, Gary should dump that whore and find someone GOOD.

  • bluesfan3410

    Haha there are 5 pregnant girls at my school, two of them are in my 1st hour, they both say Teen Mom (or whatever it is called) is their favorite show hmmm. (one if the girls is 15 and used to be my best friend)

  • JonasFreak1202

    I love teen mom, but their lives are anything but glamorous…..they struggle, have fights, and are always under a lot of stress. This is very realistic….. Secret Life is a show that glamorizes teen pregnancy!

  • Crystal

    If you really think about it. How hard can they be struggling? They get money from the show and from every intervies they do. Maybe at the begining they were but deff not now. Im sure they bring in 50,000 or more an episode.

  • jhondoe
  • 9maria91

    WTF is today watching?

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  • StarLight24

    i think it does. it’s not even the content of the show but it’s the fact that mtv is telling teenage girls they can be rewarded for getting pregnant by getting their tv show. & like the anon said they’re on the cover of almost every magazine. the show does express how much negativity teen pregnancy could bring into your life but at the same time all of those ppl are making money & becoming famous. it’s glamorizing it. if it were a film/documentary type thing where they weren’t getting paid or publicized then i don’t think it would be glamorized.

  • suzii18023

    ha wow they get famous for having a baby when there just 16?okay then I should get pregnant to get my own tv show and be famous J.K.(:

  • Anonymous

    ha are they serious? from amber and gary always fighting and breaking up, katelyn and tyler having to give up their child because they dont live in a stable enough envirement, maci always putting bentley first and struggling to do whatever it best for him. Mtv is not glamorizing anything. they are showing whats real, in efforts that teen girls will maybe realize that they should take the proper precautions before having sex.

  • Anonymous

    Most deffo is not, that show has actually really warned me about how your life can change drstically if u become a teenage parent. No teenage fun with your friends, no college like Maci, and if you are a single parent like Farah, then it’ll be daaaamn hard to find a guy.
    Good show actually.

  • Hilary

    oh please.

  • Anonymous

    Wow apparently “Today” doesn’t watch the show. There’s NOTHING glamorous about it.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think so at all. when i first started seeing previews, i thought it would. but it really shows how non glamorous teen motherhood is. i actually think it’d be a good show for people to watch barring you are into “reality” tv of course.

  • Anonymous

    Catelynn actually looks pretty there with her braces off!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it completely is. Just the fact that if your a teen mom you can get on a tv show makes it glamorized.

  • Anonymous

    yes definately they are all on magazine covers. go to the supermarket and look at the covers. They are all on different coversssss so yesss def glamorizeed

  • beccaroo

    um its definately not. if youve actually seen the show you see the struggles that all of them going through.

  • Anonymous