Big Time Rush And Tiffany G Interviews

Tiffany Giardina & Big Time Rush InTune interviews with oceanUP. Big Time Rush on Season 2, new album October 11 and possible tour. Tiffany under on Barbie theme song, Nick Jonas Les Miserables and her interest in Broadway, PopCon with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

  • Anonymous

    the Big Time Rush guys seem look cool chill guys.

  • 2cool2lose

    i cant wait for when they’re album comes out next month.

  • Anonymous

    both B.T.R. and Tiffany are good singers.

  • 2cool2lose

    i hope big time rush continues to blow up. they’re talented and deserve to.

  • sammie

    the big time rush boys are more talented than the Jo Bros.

  • Anonymous

    2cool2lose said:

    i hope big time rush continues to blow up. they’re talented and deserve to.


  • Angel

    2cool2lose said:

    i hope big time rush continues to blow up. they’re talented and deserve to.

    Agreed x2!

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  • UltimateTiffany

    I love Tiffany Giardina! she is so sweet and such an inspiration! she works so hard and she really loves music and appreciates her fans! everyone should check out her music!!!

  • jhondoe

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  • UltimateTiffany

    Tiffany Giardina is so sweet and down to earth! she is also so talented and really loves her fans! Everyone should hear her music because she works so hard and is really dedicated!! Check out her new “Life is a Fairytale” Music video as well!

  • ImNotAnnoying2.0

    These boys are worse than All star weekend IMO.

  • steffffffxoxoxo

    i loveeeee tiff!
    and her new EP, she def matured

  • TiffGiardinaFL

    The BTR boys are cuties ;) Plus Tiffany is super cool. I love all their music! :D

  • xoShannonxo

    Oh James…
    He looks prettier than me…

  • never change

    i like some of btr songs

  • xoShannonxo

    Another season?
    Shoot me now.
    Do these boys have fun doing this?
    I bet they get laid every Saturday, then come back singing about ‘doin’ it big time’….

  • AAC

    Tiffany Giardina? Is that the girl who was in The Sound of Music with Nick?

  • UltimateTiffany

    Yes! she was! she’s also an amazingly talented singer/songwriter! check out her music!

  • Anonymous

    AHHHHH i love Tiffany. she’s like the nicest girl ever. really pretty

  • mariah

    is this an oceanup interview/!??!?! weirdwho is big time rush??? tiff seems cool

  • Sara


  • sara

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