Cody Linley Josh Golden NEW SONG

  • never change

    that was bad

  • youshouldknow

    aha wtheck??? how does he look like ellen? and cody wasnt bad he was good but josh sang better,who is this josh? lol he looked adorable when he said “wassup” in the begining(x and cody needs to stop doing what hes doing with his hand (x

  • insaneJBluver

    His name is Josh Golden. You can find him on myspace and youtube. He’s 16 and he plays guitar, sings, and writes all his stuff. He’s amazing, you should check him out (:

  • iAmChristianne

    Cody, honey… you shouldn’t have done this. You should stick to being a nobody. (:

    This is the outcome of yet ANOTHER celebrity trying to sing. It’s nice that he ACTUALLY sang instead of letting the computer do it, but you just embarrasses yourself.

    On the other hand, JOSH… :D
    Keep going kid. You will reach farther then Mr. Ellen Degeneres here :P I want YOU to be a singer <3

    Follow me on twitter: @iAmChristianne please! #TeamFollowBack !!

  • xRawwr

    ew ew ew ew ew ew Cody you just can’t sing.

  • youdonthavetoknow

    Cody suck. Josh rocked here.

  • jhondoe

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  • Anonymous

    cody sucks lol

  • brendddis.


  • Anonymous

    JOSH <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    I love Josh! He is an amazing singer! …Cody, not so much :)

  • Anonymous

    He’s awful!

  • Anonymous

    Cody is a horrible singer…

  • xRawwr

    He looks like Ellen! LMAO! (:

  • mayaMONSTER

    I LOVE JOSH<3 he really needs to get his ass to San Diego, OR LA. He also needs a new album, and more youtube videos!
    more Josh posts!

  • never change

    i still haven’t watched this video