Sterling & Tiffany Spill Sonny SECRETS


  • never change

    it’s one of my favorite shows

  • jhondoe

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  • reachforanydreamx

    i love sterling.

  • omg wtf lolz

    STERLING! <3 *melts*

  • urluvismydrugg

    ‘i really wanna be a jerk again. cause i miss it!’
    haha love you sterling.

  • never change

    i love sonny with a chance

  • Anonymous

    they would be good together

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can’t see the video, anyone know what they are saying?

  • never change

    great video

  • Anonymous

    Man, Sterling chubbed out. I still love him to death, though. Still sooo attractive.

    Actually, he looks better.

  • Anonymous


  • Trainups

    Tiffany is soo funny,down to earth and real. Love her.