Cody Simpson Harry Potter Or Twilight?

  • urluvismydrugg

    HIGH FIVE……whoever you are.

  • annogueras

    Fuck Yeah woot woot!

  • annogueras

    u should :) its pretty amazing people think “wizards wtf?” but its addicting its an amazing story full of action,friendship,romance & comedy ^^ btw like ur icon


    Twilight is shit, imo. Easily some of the worst literature I’ve ever had the misfortune to read.

    Harry Potter isn’t the best either, but it’s sure as hell more tolerable than Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a bad thing, but it would really help to watch them and read the books, lol.

    You’ll be up to date on pop culture and you can be ready when everyone talks about the midnight premiere of the final Harry Potter movie.

  • jhondoe

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  • Anonymous

    And the Harry Potter’s settings are so much more rememorable. I honestly feel like I have gone to Hogwarts, Hogsmaede, Privet Drive, The Dark Forest, The Burrow, etc. And also, the characters relationships are built up very well. I can feel the emotional bond just flipping through the pages. In addition to the characters, she describes them so well and not in a bland way at all. the way she places the character’s dialogues is extremely well thought out and the tone of their voices can be heard just reading the book.

  • Tamires

    that’s right baby, harry potter rocks

  • Anonymous

    Harry Potter beats Twilight out any day.
    Why even compare the two?

  • suzii18023

    i have never watched harry potter in my whole life or read the books is that a bad thing lol

  • never change

    Sep 19, 2010 @ 02:52 pm
    suzii18023 said:

    i have never watched harry potter in my whole life or read the books is that a bad thing lol

    me to , i don’t think it is a bad thing =)

  • Summer

    Harry potter is SO much better than twilight. Why even compare?

  • Anonymous

    ew, how can you say twilight all the way? yes, i am aware that everyone is entitled to their opinion and i encourage people to have different opinions but seriously? YOU CAN NOT EVEN COMPARE TWILIGHT TO HARRY POTTER. that’s insulting. You must have an IQ of a peanut, and you must have an emotional range of a teaspoon!

    first off, according to Stephanie Meyer, vampires sparkle, hide in the forest, and play baseball. hah! sounds like a fairy like peter pan! secondly, harry potter has everything: vampires, werewolves, wizards, centaurs, muggles, pixies, owls, giants, half-breeds, etc. also, J,K, Rowling’s novels are well thought out. Trust me. Even the biggest die-hard Harry Potter fan probably doesn’t know everything because theres sooo much about Harry Potter. Alot of research has been put into place in order to make The Harry Potter series, unlike the nitwitt Stephanie Meyer who makes a typical romantic science fiction novel. In addition, the Twilight saga is very easy to read.. in fact too easy! it doesn’t make you think, it doesn’t make predict, it just isn’t fun because its like somethinga first grader can comprehend where as harry potter, you have to be able to comprehend the text and remember the knowledge. Also, Harry Potter’s theme of love is displayed better. Love is the most powerful magic of all. Whereas twilight, hah.. have love and have a child. great story. I could continue ….

  • Anonymous


  • cantbetamed1

    Harry Potter fo’ sho’. Those vampires can suck it :P

  • Anonymous

    Firs one!!

  • AnonHAymous

    Firt one

  • Anonymous

    Well at least he’s got good taste.

  • never change

    who is this guy

  • Eloise

    wow, that’s a regular Sophie’s choice.

  • kary_redfern

    who is he? what I mean is, why is he famous. I am not up to date with my tween gossip.
    He is got good taste thought. I hate Pepsi and I despise Twilight.
    Harry Potter at least has amazing effects. and the kid is sorf of cute.. If I were 5 years younger… make that 7 since I like them about 3 years older. Gilrs so mature faster.

    I am off topic now… oh well.

  • Tinaa6336

    harry potter > twilight ;D
    he reallly does have goood taste.
    i agree with like 95% of what he saiiid.