Joe Jonas Playing Football With Dancers

  • mileyluver15

    its not working

  • luckze
  • Anonymous

    shut up teenies! jeez.

  • EvaSnow

    AskTaylor said:

    “I’m gonna send this to oceanup”XD
    yeah that was hilarious. xD

  • Anonymous

    Fuck. Girls need to stop screaming his name over & over. He’s trying to have fun with his friends. STFU stupid teenie bitches.

  • mamsc

    first :}

  • thelady

    its looks like no one here
    three posts , 0 comments
    btw first

  • Anonymous

    First<3 awh.

  • Anonymous

    he looks cute. :)

  • AskTaylor

    “I’m gonna send this to oceanup”XD

  • mamsc

    hahah.. i was first..:|

  • sexxynickj

    My favorite part is the tweens in the background yelling “Joseph you know you want some”!!!!!!

    Leave him the fuck alone, that’s not a meet & greet you stupid bitches…