JONAS LA On The Radio NEW Episode 12

  • jhondoe

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  • never change


  • EvaSnow

    They call Kevin “Paul Jonas II” in the end credits for “Live To Party”. This is the first time that I noticed that.

  • Anonymous

    so dramatic.
    And confusing.
    wow. how the fudge did Stella get her hair perfectly curled when she was pissed?
    I would’ve burned a few fingers. :P

  • NadiaAf23

    Aw I love that episode!!! I miss FRIENDS.

  • dalanda

    i love this episode

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The preview of the nest episode reminds me of the episode of Friends when Rachel leaves to go to Paris and Ross comes chasing after her.

  • Amy <3

    The next episode is where they kiss !
    AHHH Can’t wait for that !!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Love this! And Joe singing in the rain!!!

  • raychelle

    Auuuggghhhh to be continued AGAIN???? I can’t take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want. Joe. Stella. Together. Now.

  • Anonymous

    wish joella would just make out already

  • Aya

    haha *kicks the lifeguard tower door in*

  • Francy

    JONAS <3

  • Cam

    ugh a month ago i was at LAX! i miss california so much!

  • melanie20

    aaaa omg can’t wait for the kiss lol

  • omg wtf lolz

    Woah, soo bloody dramatic lol. I’m from New Zealand!! wooooo. (:

  • Flor

    yeah!! finally ?